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If you have just completed the Italian course for beginners and feel more familiar with the Italian vocabulary - or if you happen to be looking for an in-depth Italian grammar language course - you are indeed in the right place!


Learn the Italian grammar - free and fast!

This course goes in-depth with the basics of the Italian grammar, from articles and nouns to synthax and more complex tenses. You will have plenty of lessons to choose from. allowing you to design your own learning plan. All of them are fun and rich in content and interactive exercises: however, the most important advantage they offer you is complete independence and autonomy to learn and study the Italian language!  

With an online course, ideal for distance learning, you are in fact free to improve your grammar skills anytime and anywhere. All you need is an internet connection - and plenty of will!

Italian grammar rules

If you are a native English speaker, you might face quite a good amount of challenges. From distinguishing between masculine and feminine nouns, many specific pronouns and adverbs, and a wide amount of different and sometimes confusing verb tenses, the Italian grammar can be considered one of the hardest amongst all the Romance languages.
The coverage of this course involves following topics:

  • Nouns and genders;
  • Adjectives;
  • Pronouns and adverbs;
  • Regular and irregular verbs;
  • Verb tenses;
  • And much more!

Each lessons features extended charts and tables for a clear understanding and easy learning of the topics. You will never get lost! 

Italian grammar exercises

Just like in the previous course, every lesson will also include interactive exercises to practice and test your newly learned grammar skills. This way, you will always be able to check your progress and review your errors, making every topic a way to enjoy learning the language evern further! 

Italian grammar lessons on Skype

Once you will have completed this online course, you might want to be able to learn even further, or practice your skills with fellow students and learners. With coLanguage, you will have a wide range of verified Italian teachers - mothertongue or not - to choose from, each one granting you the chance of bringing forward your learning experience. For example, you might need tutoring to achieve a certain certification a language certificate (like CILS or CELI), or you simply want to have a little conversation in Italian and feel at ease with your brand new language competencies!

Find your very own teacher!

We at coLanguage wish you good luck a great learning experience with this online course.

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1 Italian alphabet and pronunciation (letters,...) A lesson on the Italian alphabet and pronunciation.
2 Function of Italian words (subject, object) A lesson on the function of words in Italian.
3 Italian articles (the/a, an) A lesson on Italian definite and indefinite articles
4 Italian numbers (cardinal, ordinal) Learn how to count in Italian.
5 Italian nouns Summary on declination and gender rules on Italian nouns.
6 Italian adjectives Italian adjectives and their categories.
7 Italian pronouns Starting page of a series of lessons on pronouns in Italian
8 Italian prepositions A lesson on prepositions in the Italian language
9 Italian adverbs An introduction to adverbs in the Italian language
10 Italian comparatives, superlatives (adjectives/adverbs) A lesson on Italian comparatives for adjectives and adverbs.
11 Italian tenses and verb conjugation Introductory lesson to the Italian tenses
12 Italian verbs Introductory lesson to the Italian verbs
13 Italian moods This is a course about the moods of the Italian verbs.
14 Indicative mood in Italian A lesson on the indicative mood in Italian
15 Subjunctive in Italian A lesson on the subjunctive mood in Italian.
16 Conditional in Italian A lesson on the Italian conditional mood
17 Infinitive in Italian A lesson on the Italian infinitive
18 Imperative in Italian A lesson on the Italian imperative
19 Gerund in Italian A lesson on the Italian gerund
20 Present participle in Italian A lesson on the Italian present participle
21 Past participle in Italian A lesson on the Italian past participle
22 Italian sentences A lesson on how to structure an Italian sentence.
23 Italian conjunctions A lesson on Italian conjunctions.