coLanguage provides language courses with a variety of levels in compliance with the European standards for language learning (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). We train beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. We have experience with both children and adult language learning. Choose for the only online language academy which specializes in specific learning plans and working vocabulary based on the needs of the student. Our (native) teachers have the expertise to help any student with every possible learning goal. Our expert courses help you to train specialized vocabulary and grammar for all levels. Possible topics are general language training, basic survival communication, negotiation and sales skills, business and professional communication, obtaining citizenship and much more... Sign up for free and tell us what you need!

Learn English with an online course
Learn English like a pro - enroll in our online English courses today!
Learn German with an online course
Master the German language online with our qualified and native speaking teachers.
Spanish lessons with real teachers through skype online
Study Spanish in an efficient way with our individually tailored online courses
French Course
Study French in a tailor-made course with qualified and native speaking teachers
Italian course online
Get a personalized learning plan when you book your Italian course with us.
Polish course online
Learn Polish better, faster and easier with our qualified teachers from Poland.
Russian course
Learn Russian on individualized online courses with qualified and native speaking teachers.
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Customized, efficienct and flexible Swedish courses for every purpose
Turkish Course Online
Learn the Turkish language through Skype with professional teachers from Turkey.
Greek Course online
Our professional Greek teachers will help you master the Greek language.
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Norwegian Course
Study Norwegian language online with qualified teachers from Norway.
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Learn individualized Estonian courses online with a hand picked native speaking teacher
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Danish Course online
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Master the Romanian language with an online language course held by qualified native teachers!
Master the Romanian language with an online language course held by qualified native teachers!
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Learn slovak language online. Take a slovak language course with coLanguage.
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