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Exercise on the Italian impersonal construction Si - Drag text

Practise your knowledge of the Italian impersonal construction.

Exercise outline

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  2. Exercise on the Italian impersonal construction Si - Drag text

What our students say

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The teacher is always on time and uses perfect learning materials to learn the language. Very prepared in what she teaches and in the way she does it; very useful lessons!
Thank you Hilary!
As the first lesson, the teaching strategy was excellent prepared. Also we used a lot of websites to make reading , answering and discussions.
I finally found my solution because of the many work commitments. Excellent material, patient and very helpful teacher
She is a kind girl , professional and will give you attention and everything you need . Was a great lesson.
Elisabetta is a teacher who manages to convey love for her work. It follows you on your path of growth and strongly supports you. He follows different teaching methods according to the needs and priorities of the moment. Punctual, precise and super helpful. That's what I was looking for! Thanks
I liked the conversion we had - teacher changed topic few time topic in the right direction and it help very much for speaking.
It is always a pleasure to have English lessons with Corinne. The lessons are always a lot of fun and extremely interesting concerning on current affairs and unfortunately the time always ends too early. Very recommended.
Thank you, Danilo. It is always a pleasure having lessons with you and I have enjoyed our many conversations together. And what a joy that over time they have become easier for both of us to understand! :D
Enjoyed this lesson. The lesson was tailored to my interests, making it fun to learn. My vocabulary increased again. Communication is very friendly.
grammar exercises compound nouns and noun phrases after this I have learn the differences between compound nouns by objects or persons/animals, some extra details about the genitive nouns.
He is very nice and polite teacher, everything can very good explain. Really nice time during de lessons.
About Modal verbs the lesson is quite easy but the second part (article of financial analysis) is very interesting
My first English class with Olivia was very good. I feel that he is the type of person and method that I need to learn.