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Exercise on the interrogative adjective declension - Fill in the blanks

Practise the different declensions of interrogative adjectives

Exercise outline

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  2. Exercise on interrogative adjectives - Drag text
  3. Exercise on the interrogative adjective declension - Fill in the blanks

What our students say

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Lots of interesting conversation; useful corrections of grammar, great explanations and some new vocbulary. Very emjoyable.
Like the times before, it was perfect and a lot of fun. I am interested in the subject and I like to tell a lot and show Italian videos that are new to Francesca :-)
I like Alice's lessons because she combines information about both about the language and the culture of Italy.
Perfect the class with Ermanno. Punctual, professional, educational and very friendly. He prepared the class in advance and he complied with what I asked him. Also send me a pdf with the class information so you can review it at home !! We were able to take full advantage of it. As soon as I have a little more time I will sign up for more classes with Ermanno without hesitation. Recommended 100%
I am very satisfied with the lessons with Elena. I find that I am helpful in improving my command of Italian.
Thanks for the evaluation, Hilda. I'm glad you are satisfied!
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Benissimo, come sempre! ;-) A nice combination of conversation and following a work book. I certainly recommend Luisa if you want to learn Italian from scratch!
Dear Erik thank you so much for your great feedback !!!!!
Deborah is a teacher with whom it is always a pleasure to work. She is punctual, professional and always ready to adapt to your student needs. I can't wait for the next lesson to arrive. :)
Thanks Aleksandra !!
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Alessia is very professional; always well prepared, ambitious, super kind and patient. Her lessons are fun and focused on conversation. She asked me what I want to focus on and what is my learning goal. Is a great teacher!
Thank you Leandra!
We have a good work team here, with support material that allows student autonomy and the teacher advises, clarifies and consolidates learning.
Great teacher. She made a plan in the first lesson combining grammar and vocabulary. She always adapts the plan according to my problems. Thank you! Highly recommended.
Donatella is a wonderful teacher! She really cares about her students' success. I highly recommend her to anyone hoping to learn Italian!
The lesson took place before schedule but was an excellent lesson. I would have paid more for this lesson if I could afford it. I see that the price has raised before the end of my prepaid hours. That's before God, what is beyond man is beyond man, that was a lesson I will take for life.