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French demonstrative adjectives - ce, cette

Demonstrative adjectives (French: les adjectifs demonstratifs) in French are used to point out particular things or persons and are usually placed in front of a noun. 

List of demonstrative adjectives in French

  masculine feminine
Singular  ce (cet)  cette
Plural  ces  ces

enlightenedNote that cet is used in front of masculine singular nouns beginning with a vowel and most words beginning with h.

How to use demonstrative adjectives in French

Ce comes in front of the noun it refers to.

  • Ces livres sont très intéressants. (These/Those books are very interesting.)
  • Combien coûte ce manteau? (How much is this/that coat?)

enlightenedTry to bear in mind that the adjective ce corresponds to the English this and that in the singular, and these and those in the plural.

Add -ci to the end of the noun to emphasize things which are closer to you.

  • Prends cette valise-ci. (Take this case.)

Add -là to the end of the noun to emphasize things which are further away from you.

  • Est-ce que tu reconnais cette personne-là. (Do you recognize that person?)


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