German grammar

You completed already the German course for beginners and feel more confident with the German language? You are in the right place! 

Learn the German Grammar - free and online!

This course goes in-depth with the basics of the German grammar, from articles and nouns to syntax and more complex tenses. You will have plenty of lessons to choose from. With an online course, ideal for distance learning, you are in fact free to improve your grammar skills anytime and anywhere. And that for free! All you need is an internet connection - and plenty of will!

Grammar is very important when learning a new language, especially in German. Grammar allows you to put words together in a sensible order and adding the right and perfect endings. This lesson will cover many topics with only one goal: making you comfortable with the German language. 

German Grammar basics made easy

The German language is a very sensitive language. We not only differentiate between three different (masculine, feminine and neuter) genders of nouns, furthermore we have different cases. In order to know the building and logic of the German language, we created small steps units. In these units you are going to learn about:

  • the 4 German cases (declension)
  • Nouns and their gender

  • Adjectives

  • Pronouns and adverbs

  • Regular and irregular verbs

  • Verb tenses

  • And much more!

Each lessons features extended charts and tables for a clear understanding and easy learning of the topics. You will never get lost! 

German Grammar exercises

Like the previous course before, every lesson will also contain interactive exercises to practice and test your newly learned grammar skills. This way, you will always be able to check your progress and review your errors, making every topic a way to enjoy learning the language even further! 

German Grammar lessons on Skype!

Once you will have completed this online course or struggle during the course, you might want to be able to learn even further, or practice your skills with fellow students and learners. With coLanguage, you will have a wide range of verified German teachers - mother tongue or not - to choose from, each one granting you the chance of bringing forward your learning experience. For example, you might need tutoring to achieve a certain certification a language certificate, or you simply want to have a little conversation in German and feel at ease with your brand new language competencies!

Find your teacher!

Are you accepting the challenge? Then come explore the German grammar world with us, take part in a fun and interactive adventure with short lessons and exercises.