Spanish grammar

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1 Spanish alphabet Learn how to pronounce the Spanish alphabet!
2 Spanish articles Get acquainted with Spanish definite and indefinite articles!
3 Spanish nouns Learn the Spanish nouns and get familiar with all their endings!
4 Spanish adjectives Learn all the Spanish adjectives!
5 Spanish numbers Learn the Spanish numbers!
6 Spanish pronouns Learn the Spanish pronouns!
7 Adverbs in Spanish Learn the adverbs in Spanish!
8 Sentence structure and word order in Spanish Learn more about the word order in Spanish.
9 Spanish prepositions Learn the Spanish prepositions!
10 Spanish tenses and verb conjugation You will get a good overview over all the spanish tenses!
11 Difference between "ser" and "estar" in Spanish Learn how to use the verbs "ser" and "estar" in Spanish.
12 Spanish verbs Get acquainted with all the Spanish verb tenses!
13 Gerund in Spanish (el gerundio) Learn about the gerund in Spanish!
14 Imperative in Spanish (imperativo) Learn more about the imperative (El imperativo) in Spanish!
15 Passive in Spanish (voz pasiva) Learn more about the passive in Spanish!
16 Negation in Spanish Learn how to form negative sentences in Spanish