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Want to learn Turkish? On coLanguage you find free online Turkish courses and lesson materials to train your speaking, reading and writing skills. Each lesson contains conversation examples, dialogues, phrases, words, exercises and other training materials.

We recommend to take additional Skype lessons with 1 of our Turkish teachers. You schedule your lesson appointments together with your teacher. This way you can study whenever and wherever you want! You will get a personal training plan and you get the opportunity to train your speaking and communication skills with a (native) teacher. 

Teach yourself Turkish with a combination of self-study materials and 1 on 1 Skype lessons: quick results guaranteed!

Language courses

Dive into the Turkish grammar and learn how to conjugate verbs, learn about pronouns & suffixes,...
Turkish grammar
A1, A2
Learn basic Turkish step by step with phrases, dialogues and conversations.
Turkish for beginners
A1, A2

Learn with a private teacher on Skype!

  1. Private Skype lessons
  2. Learn any topic
  3. Flexible appointments
Learn with Ibrahim
9.00€ / hour
Teaches: Turkish
Learn with Arife
10.00€ / hour
Teaches: Turkish
Learn with Ramin
12.00€ / hour
Teaches: Turkish