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The Turkish language

The Turkish language is spoken widely all over the world. There are around fifteen million native speakers in  Southeast Europe and sixty million native speakers in Western Asia. Turkish speakers exist in Germany, Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Northern Cyprus, Greece, other parts of Europe and Central Asia.


Is Turkish hard to learn? 

The grammatical structure of the Turkish language is different than European languages. However, Turkish is a phonetically written language each letter has one sound never changes, easy to read and uses the Latin alphabet. The language borrowed a lot of words from French and English. If you speak one of these, it will be even easier for you. By the help of the Turkish grammar lessons, you can understand easily how the language works. 

How to learn, speak and understand Turkish for beginners?

Do you want to learn Turkish? Is it too hard to find a proper online book?  Do you wonder how to learn the Turkish language? Is Turkish hard to learn?

Don't worry! You have come to right place. This page is for one who wants to learn the basics of the Turkish language in 10 days with the language course online.

How to learn the language online, easily and fast?

The Turkish language tutorial specially designed according to one who has no clue regarding the language. Each lesson is unique, supported with voices and sounds, mix between grammar, Turkish vocabulary and exercises. They are also supported with Turkish word samples, simple examples and interactive exercises such as dialogue and flash cards. You will train your listening skills with audio examples, improve your writing skills with exercises on fill in the gap and notice your failures right away. It is the best online book to learn Turkish. You will improve your language skills quickly with the new approach. Learn how to speak Turkish in a fun way instead of a traditional intensive Turkish language courses.

Lessons for beginners

  • The alphabet (with sound)
  • The numbers
  • Basic phrases (introduce yourself, telling the time, directions...)
  • Dictionary (the most common Turkish words A-Z)
  • Basics of the grammar
  • Mix between grammar, audio, vocabulary and exercises

Why should I learn Turkish?

There are tons of reasons to learn Turkish. yes

  • Learn one of the most common languages. (200 million speakers)
  • Discover the rich culture.
  • Begin a journey to an exotic country.
  • Great business opportunities, study possibilities in a developing country. (16th-worldwide / 6th-Europe)

Teach yourself Turkish online and free (complete course)

Start to teach yourself Turkish online with audio, enjoy the distance learning. I already hear that you say "I want to speak Turkish" cheeky 

We strongly advise you to use this course in combination with lessons from one of our native Turkish teachers to speed up the learning progress. Find your teacher here.

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1 Turkish greetings (hello, good morning, thank you,...) Turkish greetings and pronunciation - introducing yourself in Turkish
2 Introduce yourself in Turkish Introduce yoursef in Turkish. Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do?.
3 Turkish numbers and counting in Turkish Turkish numbers.
4 Time in Turkish (time, date, days, seasons) How to tell the time in Turkish. The names of the weekdays, the months and the seasons
5 Colours in Turkish Learn type of Turkish colours
6 Directions, (north - south) in Turkish Learn the directions in Turkish.
7 The weather in Turkish Learn the weather in Turkish.
8 The countries, languages and nationalities in Turkish Learn name of the countries in Turkish
9 Parts of the body in Turkish Learn parts of the body in Turkish
10 The Turkish family Turkish family members (both mother and father side)
11 Turkish food and drinks Learn food and drinks in Turkish.
12 Turkish phrases, expressions and proverbs Common Turkish phrases, expressions and proverbs.