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  • Directions, (north - south) in Turkish

    Asking for directions in Turkey is rather fun thing to do, because Turkish people never deny that they do not know the way wherever you asked and they always would want to help you. On this page we will learn about asking, giving directions and cardinal - ordinal directions in Turkish with playable examples.


    Asking directions in Turkish

    To get directions first we should ask for directions. In turkish language it is asked as "How can I get to ____? or How do I go to ____?" and its translated as seen on the table below.

    English Turkish
    How do I get to ___? _____'a nasıl giderim?
    How can I go to ____? _____'a nasıl gidilir? 


    Giving directions in Turkish

    Giving directions are rather simple in Turkish langauge and it goes as it is written on table.

    Direction English Turkish
    sağ Go right Sağa dön
    sol Go left Sola dön
    düz Go straight ahead Düz git / İleri git
    geri Turn/go back Geri git / Geri dön
    ilerisağ Turn right  İlerden sağa dön
    ilerisol Turn left İlerden sola dön


    Example dialogue:

    Excuse me, how do I go to train station?

    Bakar mısınız, tren istasyonuna nasıl giderim?

    Go straight ahead till the bridge

    Köprüyü görene kadar düz git.

    After that?


    Turn left before entering the bridge, you will see the train station on right side.

    Köprüye girmeden sola dön. Tren istasyonunu sağda göreceksin.

    Great, thank you.

    Harika, teşekkür ederim.


    Cardinal and ordinal directions in Turkish (North, south, east, west)

    Cardinal and ordinal directions do not have special names in Turkish, they are exactly same as in English. You can see on the compass below and check the examples afterwards.


    English Turkish
    North Kuzey
    South Güney
    East Doğu
    West West
    Northeast Kuzeydoğu
    Northwest Kuzeybatı
    Southeast Güneydoğu
    Southwest Güneybatı



    Tomorrow wind will come from south. - Yarın rüzgar güneyden esecek.

    Heat wave came from south. - Sıcak hava dalgası güneyden gelmiş.

    Summer has already started in southeast. - Güneydoğuda yaz başladı.

    There is snow on north parts of country. - Ülkenin kuzeyinde kar yağışı hakim.  



    On this page we learned asking, giving directions and cardinal - ordinal directions in Turkish with the help of playable examples and pronunciation trainer.  Doing exercises will be helpful to understand the topic better.



    Exercise about giving directions in Turkish

    Exercise about cardinal and ordinal directions in Turkish