• Turkish language course for beginners A1
  • 1 Turkish greetings (hello, good morning, thank you,...) [0/2]
  • 2 Introduce yourself in Turkish [0/2]
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  • Introduce yourself in Turkish

    Do you want to speak Turkish?  Yes?  Goodyes  – keep reading.

    This lesson is for those who truly want to learn the language by common phrases. Here’s how you introduce yourself in Turkish​


    How to say hello in Turkish?

    In the Turkish language, Hello! and Nice to meet you! are must-know phrases. Any introduction probably will start with these words.

    English Turkish
    Hello! (may be formal or informal) Merhaba!
    Hello/Hi! (informal) Selam!


    Meeting (Tanışma)

    What is your name? in Turkish (informal-formal)

    What's your name? (informal) Adın ne?
    What's your name?  (formal or plural) Adınız ne?
    What is your name? (informal) Adın ne?


    How to introduce yourself in Turkish?

    English Turkish
    Name -Ad
    Surname -Soyadı
    My name is...  -Adım ... 
    Nice to meet you.  (lit. I'm pleased) -Memnun oldum


    Where are you from?

    So, where are you from? America? Europe? Africa? Asia? Just stick the name of your country inside this phrase (-dan geliyorum).  We’ll use Turkey as an example. (Check the name of countries in the previous lessons)

    English Turkish

    I’m from Turkey.

    Türkiye’den geliyorum.


    Where do you live?

    What about now? – Where do you live? Just fill in the blank with the country or city into this phrase (-de yaşıyorum). I’ll use Ankara as an example.

    English Turkish

    I live in Ankara.

    Ankara’da yaşıyorum.


    I’ve been learning Turkish for _____.

    How long have you been learning Turkish? For a month? For a year?

    English Turkish

    I’ve been learning Turkish for a year.

    Ben bir yıldır Türkçe öğreniyorum.


    How old are you? in Turkish

    Here’s how to say how old you are in Turkish. Just be sure to stick your age number in place of 24

    English Turkish

    I’m 24 years old.

    Ben 24 yaşındayım.


    What do you do?

    What about your position? Are you a student? Yoga teacher? Super important question that people like to ask.

    English  Turkish

    I’m a teacher.

    I'm a student. Öğrenciyim.



    So now you know how to introduce yourself in Turkish. I’m sure there are tons of ways to introduce yourself  but this is the easiest and simple start that any beginner can use. It’s all about starting easy.


    Exercise on -How to introduce yourself in Turkish?-

    Exercise on introducing yourself in Turkish (quiz)