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  • The weather in Turkish

    Seasons in Turkey are lived properly; there is snow for almost a month in winter, in summer heat goes up to 40 degrees in south, all the flowers bloom and trees turn green in spring. That is why tourism is well improved and beaches are famous in Turkey. On this page we will learn about weather conditions and how to talk about weather in Turkish, which would be very useful for the next holiday in Turkey.

    The Turkish weather conditions

    On the table below we can see the weather conditions in Turkish.

    Condition English Turkish
    sun The sun Güneş
    cloudy The cloud Bulut
    gökgürültüsü The thunder Gök gürültüsü
    kar The snow Kar
    rüzgar The wind Rüzgar
    yağmur The rain Yağmur


    Talking about the weather in Turkish

    To ask the Turkish weather we mostly use "How is the weather today?" sentence. The main question is "How is weather?" but we can add words for today or tomorrow to the front of the sentence. On the table below we can see different weather conditions, to include our answers when asked "How is the weather today?" Checking the example will help to understand better.

    English Turkish
    How is the weather (today)?  (Bugün) hava nasıl olacak?
    How is the weather ?  Hava nasıl? 


     The weather conditions in Turkish

    English Turkish
    Cloudy Bulutlu
    Sunny Güneşli
    Windy Rüzgarlı
    Rainy Yağmurlu
    Snowy Karlı
    Thunderstorm Gök gürültülü
    Foggy Sisli
    Hailing Dolu yağışlı


    Dialogues about the weather

    How is the weather today ?

    Bugün hava nasıl ?

    Today is sunny.

    Bugün hava güneşli.

    How is the weather tomorrow ? 

    Yarın hava nasıl olacak ?

    Tomorrow is rainy.

    Yarın hava yağmurlu olacak.

    How is the weather this weekend ?

    Bu haftasonu hava nasıl olacak ?

    Thunders and rain expected.

    Gök gürültülü yağmur bekleniyormuş.



    On this page we learned weather conditions in Turkish with the help of playable examples and pronunciation trainer.  Doing exercises will be helpful to understand the topic better.



    Exercise about the weather in Turkish