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  • The countries, languages and the nations in Turkish

    In this lesson, we will learn the list of countries, the nations and the languages from all over the world. Do you want to learn how to ask where someone is from and say where you are from? You have come to right place. Keep reading. laugh

    As a start, here is an example from one of the most basic conversation about countries and nationalities.

    English Turkish
    Where are you from? Siz nerelisiniz?
    I am from Argentina Ben Arjantinliyim
    What is your nationality? Hangi millettensiniz?
    I am Turkish Ben Türküm


    On the table below we can see the countries and nationalities more detailed.

    Country name / English Country name / Turkish
    Flag of Turkey.svgTurkey Türkiye
     Flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.svgNorthern Cyprus  Kuzey Kıbrıs
    Flag of Afghanistan.svgAfghanistan Afghanistan
    Flag of Albania.svgAlbania Arnavutluk
    Flag of Algeria.svgAlgeria Cezayir
    Flag of Angola.svgAngola Angola
    Flag of Argentina.svgArgentina Arjantin
    Flag of Armenia.svgArmenia Ermenistan
    Flag of Australia.svgAustralia Avustralya
    Flag of Azerbaijan.svgAzerbaijan Azerbaycan
    Flag of Bahrain.svgBahrain Bahreyn
    Flag of Bolivia.svgBolivia Bolivya
    Flag of Brazil.svgBrazil Brezilya
    Flag of Canada.svgCanada Kanada
    Flag of Chile.svgChile Şili
    Flag of the People's Republic of China.svgChina Çin (Halk Cumhuriyeti)
    Flag of Cuba.svgCuba Küba
    Flag of Egypt.svgEgypt Mısır
    Flag of Ghana.svgGhana Gana
    Flag of Hong Kong.svgHong Kong Hong Kong
    Flag of Honduras.svgHonduras Honduras
    Flag of India.svgIndia Hindistan
    Flag of Indonesia.svgIndonesia Endonezya
    Flag of Iran.svgIran İran
    Flag of Iraq.svgIraq Irak
    Flag of Israel.svgIsrael İsrail
    Flag of Jamaica.svgJamaica Jamaika
    Flag of Japan.svgJapan Japonya
    Flag of Jordan.svgJordan Ürdün
    Flag of Kenya.svgKenya Kenya
    Flag of South Korea.svgKorea Güney Kore
    Flag of Kosovo.svgKosovo Kosova
    Flag of Kuwait.svgKuwait Kuveyt
    Flag of Lebanon.svgLebanon Lübnan
    Flag of Libya.svgLibya Libya
    Flag of Macedonia.svgMacedonia Makedonya
    Flag of Malaysia.svgMalaysia Malezya
    Flag of Mexico.svgMexico Meksika
    Flag of Morocco.svgMorocco Fas
    Flag of New Zealand.svgNew Zealand Yeni Zelanda
    Flag of Niger.svgNiger Nijer
    Flag of Nigeria.svgNigeria Nijerya
    Flag of Oman.svgOman Umman
    Flag of Pakistan.svgPakistan Pakistan
    Flag of Palestine.svgPalestine Filistin
    Flag of Panama.svgPanama Panama
    Flag of Paraguay.svgParaguay Paraguay
    Flag of Peru.svgPeru Peru
    Flag of the Philippines.svgPhilippines Filipinler
    Flag of Russia.svgRussia Rusya
    Flag of Saudi Arabia.svgSaudi Arabia Suudi Arabistan
    Flag of Scotland.svgScotland İskoçya
    Flag of Senegal.svgSenegal Senegal
    Flag of Singapore.svgSingapore Singapur
    Flag of Somalia.svgSomalia Somali
    Flag of South Africa.svgSouth Africa Güney Afrika
    Flag of Sri Lanka.svgSri Lanka Sri Lanka
    Flag of Sudan.svgSudan Sudan
    Flag of Sweden.svgSweden İsveç
    Flag of Switzerland.svgSwitzerland İsviçre
    Flag of Syria.svgSyria Suriye
    Flag of the Republic of China.svgTaiwan Tayvan
    Flag of Thailand.svgThailand Tayland
    Flag of Tunisia.svgTunisia Tunus
    Flag of the United States.svgUnited States of America (USA) Amerika Birleşik Devletleri (ABD)
    Flag of Uruguay.svgUruguay Uruguay
    Flag of Venezuela.svgVenezuela Venezuela
    Flag of Vietnam.svgVietnam Vietnam
    Flag of Wales.svgWales Galler
    Flag of Yemen.svgYemen Yemen


    Flags / E.U countries Turkish
    AlmanyaGermany Almanya
    AvusturyaAustria Avusturya
    BelçikaBelgium Belçika
    Birleşik KrallıkThe U.K. Birleşik Krallık
    BulgaristanBulgaria Bulgaristan
    Çek CumhuriyetiCzech Republic Çek Cumhuriyeti
    DanimarkaDenmark Danimarka
    EstonyaEstonia Estonya
    FinlandiyaFinland Finlandiya
    FransaFrance Fransa
    HırvatistanCroatia Hırvatistan
    HollandaNetherlands Hollanda
    İrlandaIreland İrlanda
    İspanyaSpain İspanya
    İsveçSweden İsveç
    İtalyaItaly İtalya
    Kıbrıs CumhuriyetiCyprus Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti
    LetonyaLatvia Letonya
    LitvanyaLithuania Litvanya
    LüksemburgLuxembourg Lüksemburg
    MacaristanHungary Macaristan
    MaltaMalta Malta
    PolonyaPoland Polonya
    PortekizPortugal Portekiz
    RomanyaRomania Romanya
    SlovakyaSlovakia Slovakya
    SlovenyaSlovenia Slovenya
    YunanistanGreece Yunanistan



    Turkish Türk
    Turkish Cypriot Kıbrıs Türkü
    Afghan Afgan
    Albanian Arnavut
    Algerian Cezayirli
    Angolan Angolalı
    Argentinian Arjantinli
    Armenian Ermeni
    Australian Avustralyalı
    Austrian Avusturyalı
    Azeri Azeri
    Bangladeshi Bangladeşli
    Bahraini Bahreynli
    Belgian Belçikalı
    Bolivian Bolivyalı
    Brazilian Brezilyalı
    Bulgarian Bulgar
    Canadian Kanadalı
    Chadian Çadlı
    Chilean Şilili
    Chinese Çinli
    Cuban Kübalı
    Greek Cypriot Kıbrıslı Rum
    Czech Çek
    Danish Danimarkalı
    Egyptian Mısırlı
    English İngiliz
    Ethiopian Etyopyalı
    Finnish Finli
    French Fransız
    German Alman, Nemçe
    Ghanaian Ganalı
    Greek Yunan
    Guatemalan Guatemalalı
    Hong Kong Hong Konglu
    Honduran Honduraslı
    Hungarian Macar
    Indian Hintli
    Indonesian Endonezyalı
    Iranian İranlı
    Iraqi Iraklı
    Irish İrlandalı
    Israeli İsrailli
    Italian İtalyan
    Jamaican Jamaikalı
    Japanese Japon
    Jordanian Ürdünlü
    Kenyan Kenyalı
    Armenian Ermeni
    (North) Korean (Kuzey) Koreli
    (South) Korean (Güney) Koreli
    Kosovan Kosovalı
    Kuwaiti Kuveytli
    Latvian Letonyalı
    Lebanese Lübnanlı
    Libyan Libyalı
    Lithuanian Litvanyalı
    Luxemburger Lüksemburglu
    Macanese Makaolu
    Macedonian Makedonyalı, Makedon
    Malaysian Malezyalı
    Mexican Meksikalı
    Moroccan Faslı
    Dutch Hollandalı
    New Zealand Yeni Zelandalı
    Nicaraguan Nikaragualı
    Nigerien Nijerli
    Nigerian Nijeryalı
    Norwegian Norveçli
    Omani Ummanlı
    Pakistani Pakistanlı
    Palestinian Filistinli
    Panamanian Panamalı
    Paraguayan Paraguaylı
    Peruvian Perulu
    Filipino Filipinli
    Polish Polonyalı
    Portuguese Portekizli
    Romanian Rumen
    Russian Rus
    Saudi Suudi
    Scottish İskoç
    Senegalese Senegalli
    Singaporean Singapurlu
    Slovak Slovak
    Slovenian Sloven
    Somalian Somalili
    South African Güney Afrikalı
    Spanish İspanyol
    Sri Lankan Sri Lankalı
    Sudanese Sudanlı
    Swedish İsveçli
    Swiss İsviçreli
    Syrian Suriyeli
    Taiwanese Tayvanlı
    Thai Taylandlı
    Tunisian Tunuslu
    Ugandan Ugandalı
    British Britanyalı
    American Amerikalı
    Uruguayan Uruguaylı
    Venezuelan Venezuelalı
    Vietnamese Vietnamlı
    Welsh Galli
    Yemeni Yemenli


    Turkish border countries

    Turkey is bordered by eight countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Bulgaria and Greece border each other as well to the northwest of Turkey. Armenia is in-between Georgia and Azerbaijan to the east of Turkey. Iran is just south of Azerbaijan and next to Iraq.

    The border countries


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    List of the languages in Turkish

    The names of the languages in Turkish are listed below.

    In Turkish, the name of the nation is usually the same as the name of the language it belongs to. The people who live in the countries and the languages they speak are usually same and the name of the language is constructed by adding suffix;  "çe or "ça". But this is not a rule.

    What language do you speak? / Hangi dili konuşuyorsun?

    I speak Turkish. / Ben Türkçe konuşuyorum.

    English Turkish
    Albanian  Artnavutça
    Azerbaijani Azerice
    Bulgarian Bulgarca
    Chinese  Çince
    English İngilizce
    Finnish  Fince
    French  Fransızca
    Georgian Gürcüce
    German Almanca
    Greek  Yunanca
    Hungarian Macarca
    Persian  Farsça
    Hebrew İbranice
    Italian  İtalyanca
    Japanese  Japonca
    Polish Lehçe
    Portuguese Portekizce
    Romanian  Rumence
    Russian  Rusça
    Arabic  Arapça
    Korean Korece
    Spanish  İspanyolca
    Swedish İsveççe
    Thai Tayca
    Turkish  Türkçe
    Netherlands/dutch Hollandaca
    English İngilizce



    On this page we learned about foreign countries, languages and nationalities in Turkish with audio supported examples. Doing exercises will be helpful to understand the topic better.