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  • Time in Turkish (time, date, days, seasons)

    Do you want to learn how to ask the time in Turkish? Yes? You have come to right place! yes

    Here in this lesson, we will learn how to tell the time in the Turkish language. We will also learn the days of the week, the months and how to ask the date and the seasons in the Turkish language.



    How to ask the time in Turkish?

    There's more than one way to ask the time in Turkish.

    What time is it? -specifying the time-

    At what time? -something will take a place-

    enlightenedBoth forms of asking the time follows vowel harmony rules.


    -What time is it?- in Turkish

    Let´s start with the simple dialog sentences about time, the question and different answers.

     English Turkish
    What time is it? Saat kaç?
    It is ten o´clock. Saat on (10).


    On the hour

    It is used to express the present time.

    (Saat / hour) (Saat dört)

    Hour Time-Turkish
    03:00 Saat üç
    05:00 Saat beş
    10:00 Saat on
    18:00 Saat altı
    21:00  Saat dokuz


    Quarter past (çeyrek)

    Saat hours-i çeyrek geçiyor. enlightened(Note the vowel harmony rules for the suffix -i)

    "Saat" / hour + "ı/i/u/ü" /  "çeyrek geçiyor"

    Hour Time-Turkish
    03:15 Saat üçü çeyrek geçiyor
    05:15 Saat beşi çeyrek geçiyor
    10:15  Saat onu çeyrek geçiyor
    18:15 Saat altıyı çeyrek geçiyor
    21:15  Saat dokuzu çeyrek geçiyor


    Half past (Buçuk)

    The vowel harmony rule does not apply for this.

    "Saat"/ hour / "buçuk"

    Hour Time-Turkish
    03:30 Saat üç buçuk
    05:30 Saat beş buçuk
    10:30 Saat on buçuk
    18:30 Saat altı buçuk
    21:30 Saat dokuz buçuk


    Quarter to (Çeyrek var)

    Saat hours-i çeyrek var.  enlightened (Note the vowel harmony rules for the suffix -e)

    "Saat" hour + "a/e" "çeyrek var"

    Hour Time-Turkish
    03:45 Saat dörde çeyrek var
    05:45 Saat altı(y)a çeyrek var
    10:45 Saat on bire çeyrek var
    18:45 Saat yediye çeyrek var
    21:45 Saat ona çeyrek var


    From the exact hour to half past, you say the time as minutes past hour. From half past to the next hour, convention is to sat the time as minutes to hour.

    • The word for past is ´geçiyor´.
    • The word for to is ´var´.
    • The word for half is ´buçuk´.
    • The word for quarter is ´çeyrek´.

    What time? in Turkish

    At what time? (Saat kaçta?)

    We use this to specify the time when something will happen or take place.

    "Saat" / hour + / "da/de/ta/te"


    On the hour-Turkish

    03:00 Saat üçte
    05:00 Saat beşte
    10:00 Saat onda
    18:00  Saat altıda
    21:00  Saat dokuzda


    The date in Turkish

    Let´s start with the days of the week and months.

    Days of the week in Turkish

    English Turkish
    Sunday Pazar
    Monday Pazartesi
    Tuesday Salı
    Wednesday Çarşamba
    Thursday Perşembe
    Friday Cuma
    Saturday Cumartesi


    A simple conversation about a day of the week would be like the following:

    yesGrammer tips

    Let´s examine the vocabularies of the sentences first.

    bu: this / gün:day / bugün: today / günler: days / günlerden: / from the days (also means among the days) ne: what

    English Turkish

    What´s the day?

    Bugün günlerden ne?
    Today is Monday. Bugün günlerden pazartesi.
    Monday. Pazartesi.


    Months in Turkish

    English Turkish
    January Ocak
    February Şubat
    March Mart
    April Nisan
    May Mayıs
    June Haziran
    July Temmuz
    August Ağustos
    September Eylül
    October Ekim
    November Kasım
    December Aralık


    Exact date in Turkish

    To ask the date, you say: -Bugünün tarihi ne? -14 Temmuz 2004.


    bugün --> today  tarih --> date bugünün tarihi --> today´s date  ne --> what

    The answer doesn´t need detailed explanation. The day number, followed by month´s name and finally the year.

    Turkish seasons

    Let´s see the words for the seasons and the translations in Turkish:

    English Turkish


    bahar / ilkbahar
    summer yaz
    fall, autumn sonbahar or güz
    winter kış



    We learned about time in Turkish on this page, asking time or date and about seasons. Studying on exercises will be helpful to understand better and for practice.



    Exercises on the time in Turkish

    Exercise on the days, the months and seasons in Turkish