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  • The Turkish family

    In the Turkish culture, family is very important and there is more than one word for uncle, aunt , grandmother and grandfather. There are special names for each person in the family. There are also special words for brother in-law, sister in-law etc. In this lesson, we will learn how to call your family members, your mother's mother, your mother's father, your sister's husband etc.laugh


    Family members in Turkish

    Turkish English Explanation
    Çocuk Child -
    Kız Girl,daughter -
    Oğul  Son -
    Kardeş Siblings Both male and female
    Kız kardeş Sister -
    Erkek kardeş Brother -
    Yeğen Cousin -
    Torun Grandchild -


    Turkish family structure

    Mother’s Side


    English Explanation
    Anne Mother -
    Anneanne (Mother's mother) Grandmother  Büyükanne is another word for grandmother but anneanne is more common
    Dede Grandfather Both mother's and fathers's. Büyükbaba is another word but it is, just like ‘büyükanne’, not common word
    Teyze (mother's sister) Aunt  It is also used to address the elderly women in general
    Dayı (Mother's brother) Uncle  -


     Father’s side


    English Explanation
    Baba Father -
    Babaanne (Father's mother) Grandmother Büyükanne is another word for grandmother but babaanne is more common
    Dede Grandfather Both mother's and father's
    Hala (father's sister) Aunt  -
    Amca (father's brother) Uncle It is also used to adress the elderly men in general just like teyze.


    Turkish family -law- / in law


    Kaynana Mother-in-law
    Kayın baba Father-in-law
    Yenge Sister-in-law/aunt-in-law, auntie
    Enişte Brother-in-law
    Baldız Your wife's sister
    Kayın birader (wife's or husband's brother ) Brother in law
    Elti Your husband's brother's wife, his sister-in-law
    Bacanak Your wife's sister's husband, her brother-in-law


    enlightenedSome of the close friends of the family are called teyze and amca by the children; like Jane teyze, Richard amca. Moreover, it is common to hear that some sellers address you as amca, teyze, abla, abi. To practice what we have learned, click on the exercises below.


    On this page we learned about Turkish family, family in law and the special names for each relative in family. Doing exercises will be helpful to understand the topic better.


    Exercise on the Turkish family

    Exerise on the Turkish family (mom`s - father`s side)