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  • Turkish demonstrative pronouns

    Demonstrative pronouns are the words that take the place of all object and concept names except the person names. They are used to show something definite within a sentence.

    List of demonstrative pronouns

    İşaret zamirleri Demonstrative pronouns
    Bu This(one)
    Şu this(one), that(one)
    O That(one)
    Bunlar These
    Şunlar These, those
    Onlar Those


    enlightenedNote: The plural form of the demonstrative pronouns  take the plural suffix '-lar' and the letter '-n' is added before the suffix '-lar'.


    • Bu çok lezzetli. (This is very delicious.)
    • Şu ne kadar? (How much is that?)
    • O annemin.(That is my mother's.)


    • Bunlar çok lezzetli. (These are very delicious.)
    • Şunlar ne kadar? (How much are these?)
    • Onlar annemin. (Those are my mother's.)

    When to use the demonstrative pronouns?

    The three demonstrative pronouns and their derivatives are used to show an object according to their distance.

    1. Usage of the pronoun 'Bu'

    The demonstrative pronoun 'bu' (this) and its case forms are used to show the closest object.


    • Bunu aldım. (I bought this.) ---> accusative case, singular
    • Bunları aldım. (I bought these.) ---> accusative case, plural

    2. Usage of the pronoun 'Şu'

    The demonstrative pronoun 'şu' (this or that) and its case forms are used to show the object which is little further away.


    • Şuna bak! (Look at this!) ---> dative case, singular
    • Şunlara bak! (Look at these!) ---> dative case, plural

    3. Usage of the pronoun 'O'

    The pronoun 'o' is used for both personal (he, she, it) and demonstrative pronoun. The demonstrative pronoun 'o' (that) has the same meaning as 'şu'.


    • Arkadaşım ondan aldı. (My friend bought from that.) ---> ablative case, singular
    • Arkadaşım onlardan aldı. (My friend bought from those.) ---> ablative case, plural


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