Learn Dutch

Learn Dutch

Do you want to learn how to speak, write or read Dutch? On coLanguage you can study Dutch easily from home with free online lessons, audio and courses! Learn Dutch phrases and words fast!

We recommend you to take additional 1-on-1 Skype lessons with one of our teachers. You schedule together with your teacher your lesson appointments. Your teacher will help you to stay motivated and he/she will provide you with a personal learning plan.

Learning Dutch with this combination of exercises, pronunciation examples, grammar, vocabulary and online 1 on 1 Skype lessons guarantee the best and fastest results. Moreover, you study whenever and wherever you want!

Language courses

Learn the Dutch grammar with this extensive overview.
Dutch grammar online course
A1, A2, B1
Learn basic Dutch dialogues, conversation, words, phrases with practical examples and exercises.
Dutch for beginners

Learn with a private teacher on Skype!

  1. Private Skype lessons
  2. Learn any topic
  3. Flexible appointments
Learn with Mariëlle
10.00€ / hour
Teaches: Dutch
Learn with Arthur
15.00€ / hour
Teaches: Dutch
Learn with Senna
11.50€ / hour
Teaches: Dutch