• Dutch course for beginners A1
  • 1 Dutch alphabet and pronunciation
  • 2 Counting in Dutch (indefinite and ordinal numbers) [0/3]
  • 3 Dutch greetings (hello in Dutch) [0/3]
  • 4 Basic words and phrases in Dutch [0/4]
  • 5 Introducing yourself in Dutch [0/4]
  • 6 What time is it? - telling the time in Dutch [0/4]
  • 7 Days of the week, months and seasons in Dutch [0/5]
  • 8 Colours in Dutch [0/3]
  • 9 Animal names in Dutch [0/5]
  • 10 Family in Dutch [0/3]
  • 11 Food and Drinks in Dutch [0/5]
  • 12 How to order food in Dutch? [0/4]
  • 13 The weather in Dutch [0/4]
  • 14 Countries, Cities and Nationalities in Dutch [0/3]
  • 15 Body parts in Dutch [0/3]
  • 16 Clothes and shoes in Dutch [0/4]
  • 17 Travel and vacation in Dutch [0/3]
  • 18 Dutch proverbs and sayings [0/3]
  • 19 I love you in Dutch (Emotions and feelings) [0/4]
  • 20 Happy birthday in Dutch (birthday wishes) [0/3]
  • 21 Asking for directions in Dutch [0/4]
  • 22 Needs and opinions in Dutch [0/4]
  • 23 Hobbies in Dutch [0/4]
  • 24 House, room, furniture vocabulary in Dutch [0/4]
  • 25 How to describe a person in Dutch [0/4]
  • 26 Business Dutch [0/4]
  • Business Dutch

    This chapter consists of a list of business vocabulary in Dutch. Business Dutch will become useful when doing business with a Dutch speaker. The chapter will discuss vocabulary related to job titles, small talk, which is important in the Dutch business culture, and meetings. 

    Job titles in Dutch

    When applying for a job it is important to know what position there are in a company. Below you will find some examples of job titles in Dutch. 

    English Dutch
    Head of Department Afdelingshoofd
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    Supervisory Board Raad van Toezicht
    Production Manager Productie Manager
    Managing Partner Managing Partner
    Partner Shareholder Partner-aandeelhouder
    Division Manager Afdelingschef
    Senior Executive Senior executive

    Small Talk in Dutch

    The Dutch love to small talk about the weather. Having small talk with a potential business partner could be important, the sentences below will show you how to start a conversation.

    English Dutch
    Nice to meet you. Leuk u te ontmoeten. 
    Please, take a seat. Neemt u plaats. 
    May I introduce you to... Mag ik u voorstellen aan ... 
    How was your journey?  Hoe was uw reis?
    Can I get you something to drink? Kan ik u iets te drinken aanbieden? 
    Lovely day today, isn’t it? Lekker weer vandaag, toch? 
    Did you have a pleasant flight? Heeft u een prettige vlucht gehad? 

    Vocabulary related to meetings in Dutch

    'Een vergadering' (a meeting) in Dutch can be an important moment to discuss certain issues or agenda points. Below you will find a list of vocabulary related to meetings. 

    English Dutch
    to hold a meeting een vergadering houden 
    to address an issue een probleem bespreken 
    to attend a meeting een vergadering bijwonen 
    the agenda de agenda
    the minutes  de minuten
    to record the minutes de minuten noteren
    at short notice op korte termijn
    to take notes aantekeningen maken
    the negotiation de onderhandeling
    to chair voorzitten
    to collaborate samenwerken
    the absentee de afwezige

    Presentations in Dutch 

    The Dutch business vocabulary includes terms to describe and explain diagrams and graphs. 

    English Dutch
    the numbers / figures de cijfers
    the table de tabel
    the pie chart  het cirkeldiagram
    the row de rij
    the column de kolom
    the bar chart het staafdiagram
    the line chart het lijndiagram
    the graph de grafiek
    the vertical / horizontal axis de verticale / horizontale as
    the curve de curve
    to peak pieken
    to drop dalen
    annual / yearly jaarlijks
    year-on-year jaar op jaar
    to fluctuate fluctueren / schommelen
    to remain stable stabiel blijven
    to increase toenemen
    to decrease afnemen
    to flatten out  afvlakken

    Train your skills by doing the exercises below!


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    Fill in the Dutch business vocabulary

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