• Dutch course for beginners A1
  • 1 Dutch alphabet and pronunciation
  • 2 Counting in Dutch (indefinite and ordinal numbers) [0/3]
  • 3 Dutch greetings (hello in Dutch) [0/3]
  • 4 Basic words and phrases in Dutch [0/4]
  • 5 Introducing yourself in Dutch [0/4]
  • 6 What time is it? - telling the time in Dutch [0/4]
  • 7 Days of the week, months and seasons in Dutch [0/5]
  • 8 Colours in Dutch [0/3]
  • 9 Animal names in Dutch [0/5]
  • 10 Family in Dutch [0/3]
  • 11 Food and Drinks in Dutch [0/5]
  • 12 How to order food in Dutch? [0/4]
  • 13 The weather in Dutch [0/4]
  • 14 Countries, Cities and Nationalities in Dutch [0/3]
  • 15 Body parts in Dutch [0/3]
  • 16 Clothes and shoes in Dutch [0/4]
  • 17 Travel and vacation in Dutch [0/3]
  • 18 Dutch proverbs and sayings [0/3]
  • 19 I love you in Dutch (Emotions and feelings) [0/4]
  • 20 Happy birthday in Dutch (birthday wishes) [0/3]
  • 21 Asking for directions in Dutch [0/4]
  • 22 Needs and opinions in Dutch [0/4]
  • 23 Hobbies in Dutch [0/4]
  • 24 House, room, furniture vocabulary in Dutch [0/4]
  • 25 How to describe a person in Dutch [0/4]
  • 26 Business Dutch [0/4]
  • In this chapter you will learn some basic words and phrases in Dutch. Here you will learn several words you can use to say "thank you" as well as the words for "yes" and "no" in Dutch. Here you can also find some useful Dutch words and phrases that can be used in many situations, for example when visiting the doctor or when going to school. 

    Yes and no in Dutch

    The words for yes and no in Dutch are quite similar to the English words. If you speak German, you're in luck! The Dutch and German word for yes is exactly the same!









    Thank you and please in Dutch

    There are a couple of words you can use to say "thank you" in Dutch. You use the formal words when you're talking to older people, or to people that you do not know very well. The word "bedankt" is both formal and informal.



    Thank you (formal)

    Dank u

    Thank you (informal)


    Thank you (formal/informal)


    Thank you very much

    Hartelijk bedankt

    No, thanks

    Nee, bedankt

    Please (formal)


    Please (informal)


    You're welcome

    Graag gedaan

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    Useful Dutch phrases

    These Dutch phrases can be used in many situation. Some of these words and phrases can be used in case you're not understanding something in Dutch.





    Where are you from?

    Waar kom je vandaan?

    I am from ...

    Ik kom uit ...

    Good luck




    Have a nice day

    Fijne dag (gewenst)

    Enjoy your meal

    Eet smakelijk

    Have a good journey

    Goede reis

    I understand

    Ik begrijp het

    I don't understand

    Ik begrijp het niet

    I don't know

    Ik weet het niet

    Could you speak more slowly?

    Kunt u langzamer praten?

    Could you repeat that?

    Kunt u dat herhalen?

    Could you write that down?

    Kunt u dat opschrijven?

    Do you speak English?

    Spreekt u Engels?

    You can talk to me in Dutch.

    U kunt Nederlands tegen mij praten.

    Excuse me

    Excuseer mij



    I miss you

    Ik mis je

    I love you

    Ik hou van je

    Get well soon


    Happy Birthday

    Fijne verjaardag



    Vocabulary related to the doctors

    The following words and phrases might come in handy when you have to visit the doctors. 

    English Dutch
    The doctor De dokter
    The nurse De verpleger
    The patient De patiënt
    The pharmacy De apotheek
    The waiting room De wachtkamer
    The health insurance De ziekteverzekering
    The medications De geneesmiddelen
    To prescribe Voorschrijven
    The pill De pil
    The recipe Het recept
    The hospital Het ziekenhuis
    The ambulance De ambulance
    The emergency call De noodoproep

    Ilnesses and health status in Dutch

    English Dutch
    Healthy Gezond
    Ill; sick Ziek
    Tired Moe
    The illness De ziekte
    The inflammation De ontsteking
    The Common Cold De verkoudheid
    The flu De griep
    The sore throat De keelpijn
    The cough De hoest
    The headache De hoofdpijn
    The swelling De zwelling
    The allergy De allergie

    Useful doctors related phrases in Dutch

    English Dutch
    What happened? Wat is er gebeurd?
    What's the problem? Wat is het probleem?
    What's hurting? Wat doet er pijn?
    Where is your pain located? Waar voel je pijn?
    How do you feel? Hoe voel je je?
    I feel... Ik voel me...
    My ... hurts.  Mijn ... doet pijn.

    enlightenedTo better describe your medical problems, you can use the chapter about body parts in Dutch

    Vocabulary related to school in Dutch

    English Dutch
    The school De school
    The teacher De leraar; de juf; de meester; de docent
    The student De leerling; de student
    The homework Het huiswerk
    The test De toets
    The exam Het examen
    The example Het voorbeeld
    Easy / difficult Makkelijk / moeilijk
    Correct / incorrect Goed / fout
    The book Het boek
    The schedule Het rooster
    The lunch break De lunchpauze

    School subjects in Dutch

    English Slovak
    The subject Het vak
    History Geschiedenis
    Biology Biologie
    Maths Wiskunde
    The language De taal
    Physical Education Lichamelijke Opvoeding
    Geography Aardrijkskunde
    Economics Economie

    Now it is time to test your knowledge about basic Dutch words and phrases with some of our exercises!