• Dutch course for beginners A1
  • 1 Dutch alphabet and pronunciation
  • 2 Counting in Dutch (indefinite and ordinal numbers) [0/3]
  • 3 Dutch greetings (hello in Dutch) [0/3]
  • 4 Basic words and phrases in Dutch [0/4]
  • 5 Introducing yourself in Dutch [0/4]
  • 6 What time is it? - telling the time in Dutch [0/4]
  • 7 Days of the week, months and seasons in Dutch [0/5]
  • 8 Colours in Dutch [0/3]
  • 9 Animal names in Dutch [0/5]
  • 10 Family in Dutch [0/3]
  • 11 Food and Drinks in Dutch [0/5]
  • 12 How to order food in Dutch? [0/4]
  • 13 The weather in Dutch [0/4]
  • 14 Countries, Cities and Nationalities in Dutch [0/3]
  • 15 Body parts in Dutch [0/3]
  • 16 Clothes and shoes in Dutch [0/4]
  • 17 Travel and vacation in Dutch [0/3]
  • 18 Dutch proverbs and sayings [0/3]
  • 19 I love you in Dutch (Emotions and feelings) [0/4]
  • 20 Happy birthday in Dutch (birthday wishes) [0/3]
  • 21 Asking for directions in Dutch [0/4]
  • 22 Needs and opinions in Dutch [0/4]
  • 23 Hobbies in Dutch [0/4]
  • 24 House, room, furniture vocabulary in Dutch [0/4]
  • 25 How to describe a person in Dutch [0/4]
  • 26 Business Dutch [0/4]
  • Talking about hobbies is this chapter's subject. There are some typical Dutch hobbies the Dutch like to do in their 'vrije tijd' (leisure time), such as 'schaatsen' (ice skating) in Winter. You will learn to ask questions about different hobbies and the Dutch word for some hobbies. 

    What are your hobbies in Dutch?

    When talking about hobbies in Dutch the verb 'leuk vinden om' (to like/enjoy to) or 'houden van' (to love to) are applied. The hobbies are usually used as an infinitive verb in the sentence, take a look at the table below. 

    Dutch English
    Vind je het leuk om naar de bioscoop te gaan? Do you like to go to the cinema?
    Ik houd van muziek. I am into music. 
    Vind je tekenen leuk? Do you like drawing?
    Ik houd van reizen. I love to travel.
    Ik houd van TV programma's kijken. I love to watch series. 
    Ik vind het leuk om te voetballen. I like to play football.
    Ik houd van piano spelen. I love to play the piano. 
    Nee, ik vind lezen leuker.  No, I like reading more.
    Nee, ik heb de voorkeur voor ... No, I prefer...
    Wat is je grootste passie? What is your greatest passion?

    enlightenedWhen using the verb 'leuk vinden om', 'te + infinitive' follows. 

    • Ik vind het leuk om te voetballen. (I enjoy playing soccer.)
    • Zij vinden het leuk om te tekenen. (They like to draw.)

    Vocabulary list of hobbies in Dutch

    Dutch English
    de bal the ball
    het boek the book
    de fiets the bicycle
    de televisie (de TV) the TV
    naar de sportschool gaan to go to the gym
    voetballen (voetbal spelen) to play football
    hockeyen to play hockey
    schaatsen to ice skate
    tennissen to play tennis
    de viool the violin
    de gitaar the guitar
    joggen to jog
    het concert the concert
    tekenen to draw 
    sporten to exercise 
    turnen to do gymnastics

    Train your skills by doing the exercises below!