• Dutch course for beginners A1
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  • This chapter will provide the names of the body parts in Dutch. You will learn the names of the body parts that are visible, but you will also learn the names of the organs inside your body. Knowing these parts can come in handy when visiting a doctor.

    Parts of the body in Dutch

    The picture shows you 'het lichaam' (the body) of a human. Below the picture, the names of the body parts are mentioned. 


    The numbers on this picture represent the following body parts:

    Number English Dutch
    1 the head het hoofd
    2 the neck de nek
    3 the back de rug
    4 the arm de arm
    5 the hand de hand
    6 the fingers de vingers
    7 the leg het been
    8 the knee de knie
    9 the foot de voet
    10 the toes de tenen
      the belly de buik

    Parts of the face in Dutch

    hoofd en gezicht

    The parts of the head and face are:

    Number English Dutch
    1 the hair de haren
    2 the eyebrows de wenkbrauwen
    3 the nose de neus
    4 the mouth and teeth de mond en tanden
    5 the eyes de ogen
    6 the ears de oren
    7 the cheeks de wangen
    8 the chin de kin

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    Organs in Dutch

    Besides these visible body parts, there are also body parts that are not visible.

    Organ English Dutch
    hersenen The brains De hersenen
    het hart The heart Het hart
    de longen The lungs De longen
    de maag The stomach De maag
    darmen The intestines De darmen
    lever The liver De lever
    nieren The kidneys De nieren

    Train your knowledge about the body parts in Dutch by doing the exercises below.