• Dutch course for beginners A1
  • 1 Dutch alphabet and pronunciation
  • 2 Counting in Dutch (indefinite and ordinal numbers) [0/3]
  • 3 Dutch greetings (hello in Dutch) [0/3]
  • 4 Basic words and phrases in Dutch [0/4]
  • 5 Introducing yourself in Dutch [0/4]
  • 6 What time is it? - telling the time in Dutch [0/4]
  • 7 Days of the week, months and seasons in Dutch [0/5]
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  • 18 Dutch proverbs and sayings [0/3]
  • 19 I love you in Dutch (Emotions and feelings) [0/4]
  • 20 Happy birthday in Dutch (birthday wishes) [0/3]
  • 21 Asking for directions in Dutch [0/4]
  • 22 Needs and opinions in Dutch [0/4]
  • 23 Hobbies in Dutch [0/4]
  • 24 House, room, furniture vocabulary in Dutch [0/4]
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  • 26 Business Dutch [0/4]
  • Being able to ask for directions when in The Netherlands, can be useful when you want to go to the city centre or when you want to find the way to other places using public transportation. This chapter will discuss asking for directions, the words for directions and places in Dutch. At the end of the chapter there are some questions and phrases related to public transportation. 

    Dutch words for directions

    Knowing these words are necessary when giving and asking for directions in Dutch. 

    Dutch English
    aan het begin in the beginning
    aan het eind at the end
    links left
    rechts right
    achter behind
    naast next to
    voor in front of
    noorden north
    oosten east
    zuiden south
    westen west

    How to ask for directions in Dutch

    There are many ways to ask for a direction in Dutch, below you will find some of the ways. 

    Dutch English
    Hoe kom ik bij ...? How do I get to...?
    Weet u waar ik ... kan vinden? Do you know where I can find...?
    Kunt u mij vertellen waar ik ... kan vinden? Could you please tell me where I can find...?
    Mag ik u iets vragen? May I ask you something?
    Pardon, alsjeblieft! Excuse me, please!
    Dank u wel! Thank you!

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    How to give directions

    The verbs 'gaan' (to go), 'afslaan' (to turn) and 'oversteken' (to cross) are used in the imperative form to give directions in Dutch. 

    Dutch English
    Ga rechtdoor. Go straight.
    Sla linksaf. Turn left.
    Sla rechtsaf.  Turn right.
    Ga linksaf.  Go left.
    Ga rechtsaf. Go right.
    Steek de straat over. Cross the street.
    Steek weer over. Cross again. 
    Je bent gearriveerd. You have arrived.
    Je hebt je bestemming bereikt. You have reached your destination.

    Places in Dutch

    When visiting or living in The Netherlands there might be some places you want to visit. When asking for the directions to these places it would be helpful to know the Dutch translation. In the table some of these places are provided. 

    Dutch English
    het oude stadscentrum the old city center
    het dorp the village
    het treinstation the train station
    de bushalte the bus stop
    het monument the monument
    het winkelcentrum the shopping centre
    het vliegveld the airport
    het ziekenhuis the hospital
    het museum the museum
    het park the park
    het politiebureau the police station
    het stadhuis the town hall
    het plein the square
    het restaurant the restaurant
    het stadscentrum the city centre
    het postkantoor the post office

    de markt

    the market
    de grens the border
    de haven the harbour
    het land the country
    de wijk the neighbourhood
    de straat the street
    het kruispunt intersection

    Directions in Dutch using public transportation

    Since public transportation is commonly used in The Netherlands, it is helpful to understand how you can ask questions and know some phrases related to this topic.

    Dutch English
    Waar is het vliegveld / het treinstation / de bushalte / het hotel?  Where is the airport / trainstation / bus stop / hotel? 
    Het vliegveld / het treinstation / de bushalte is in ... The airport / trainstation / bus stop is in ...
    Hoe laat vertrekt de bus / trein naar ...?  When does the bus / trein to ... leave?
    De bus / trein naar ... vertrekt om ... uur. The bus / train to ... leaves at ... o'clock.
    Hoe laat komt de bus / trein aan in ...? When does the bus / train arrive in ...? 
    De bus / trein komt om ... uur aan in ...  

    The bus / train arrives in .... at ... o'clock.

    Hoe vaak rijdt de bus / trein naar ...? How often does the bus / train drive to ...?
    De bus / trein rijdt ... keer per uur naar ... The bus / train goes ... per hour to ...
    Waar kan ik een kaartje kopen? Where can I buy a ticket?
    U kunt een kaartje kopen bij de ticketautomaat.  

    You can buy a ticket at the ticketmachine.

    Hoeveel kost een enkeltje naar ...? How much is a single ticket to ...?
    Een enkeltje naar ... kost ... euro. A single ticket to ... costs ... euros.
    Hoe ver is het naar ...?  

    How far is it to ...? 

    Het is ... kilometer naar ... It is ... kilometres ...
    Waar is ...? Where is ...?

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