• Dutch course for beginners A1
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  • 3 Dutch greetings (hello in Dutch) [0/3]
  • 4 Basic words and phrases in Dutch [0/4]
  • 5 Introducing yourself in Dutch [0/4]
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  • 8 Colours in Dutch [0/3]
  • 9 Animal names in Dutch [0/5]
  • 10 Family in Dutch [0/3]
  • 11 Food and Drinks in Dutch [0/5]
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  • In this chapter you will learn words about food and drinks. We'll take a look at breakfast foods, dinner foods, drinks, fruits and vegetables in Dutch. You'll also learn the words for tableware. Last but not least, you will be introduced to some Dutch specialties!

    Dutch breakfast

    Het ontbijt (breakfast) is simple, but very nutritious. You will find some breakfast products in the table below.

    Breakfast product English Dutch
    muesli muesli muesli
    boterhammen sandwiches boterhammen
    kaas cheese kaas
    vleeswaren cold meats vleeswaren
    hagelslag chocolate sprinkles hagelslag
    jam marmalade jam
    eieren eggs eieren
    yoghurt yoghurt yoghurt
    fruit fruits fruit

    enlightenedThe Dutch lunch (middageten) is similar to the Dutch breakfast. Many Dutch people prepare sandwiches at home to eat during lunch at school or at work.

    Dutch dinner

    A classic Dutch dinner (avondeten) is simple, but nutritious. A typical Dutch dinner consists of potatoes, vegetables and meat. During celebrations such as birthdays, many families choose to eat fries with snacks or pancakes.

    Product English Dutch
    soep soup soep
    salade salad salade
    aardappelen potatoes aardappelen
    groentes vegetables groentes
    vlees meat vlees
    friet chips/fries friet / patat
    pannenkoeken pancakes pannenkoeken
    peper pepper peper
    zout salt zout
    ui onion ui

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    Dutch desserts

    Het nagerecht / toetje (dessert), most Dutch people choose between either yoghurt or custard. For special occasions, they most often eat pie or ice cream instead.

    Product English Dutch
    vla Custard Pudding / Vla
    yoghurt Yoghurt Yoghurt
    ijs Ice cream IJs
    taart Pie Taart

    Dutch drinks

    In this table you will find the translation of drinks from English to Dutch.

    Drink English Dutch
    koffie coffee koffie
    melk milk melk
    thee tea thee
    sinaasappelsap orange juice sinaasappelsap
    bier beer bier
    wijn wine wijn
    water water water
    frisdrank soda frisdrank

    Fruits in Dutch

    In this tabel you will learn the names of fruits (fruit) in Dutch.

    Fruit English Dutch
    ananas pineapple ananas
    appel apple appel
    aardbei strawberry aardbei
    citroen lemon citroen
    kiwi kiwi kiwi
    limoen lime limoen
    mandarijn mandarin mandarijn
    mango mango mango
    banaan banana banaan
    braam blackberry braam
    druiven grapes druiven
    framboos raspberry framboos
    granaatappel pomegranate granaatappel
    kers cherry kers
    meloen melon meloen
    peer pear peer
    perzik peach perzik
    sinaasappel orange sinaasappel

    Vegetables in Dutch

    In this table, you can find the names of vegetables (groentes) in Dutch.

    Vegetable English Dutch
    augurken pickle augurk
    bloemkool cauliflower bloemkool
    erwten peas erwten
    komkommer cucumber komkommer
    paprika bell pepper paprika
    prei leek prei
    spruitje Brussels sprouts spruitjes
    tomaat tomato tomaat
    wortel carrot wortel
    knoflook garlic knoflook

    Dutch tableware

    In this table you will learn the translations of tableware from English to Dutch:

    Tableware English Dutch
    bestek cutlery bestek
    mes knife mes
    lepel spoon lepel
    vork fork vork
    bord plate bord
    beker cup beker; tas
    glas glass glas
    wijnglas wine glass wijnglas

    Typical Dutch food

    There are many products that are typical Dutch and are not eaten elsewhere. Foreigners like some of these products, but many of them also hate them.

    stroopwafelstroopwafel (syrup waffle) is a biscuit that consists of two layers of baked dough with a caramelsyrup in between the layers. The stroopwafel was first created in the early 19th century in the city of Gouda in South-Holland.






    Drop (liquorice) is a typical Dutch sweet. There are many different kinds of drop that are generally divided into 2 groups: sweet and sour drop. On the picture you see the so-called 'dropveter' (liquorice lace), which tastes sweet.



    maatjesharing Maatjesharing (herring) is also known as Hollandse Nieuwe . People eat the fish raw, straight from the hand or on a white bun. Often raw onions are served with it.






    kroket (croquet) is a typical Dutch snack. There are many different kinds of kroketten, but the vleeskroket (meatcroquet) is the most famous. It is often eaten on a white bun or with french fries.



    Boerenkool (Green kale) is a vegetable which is mainly used in stamppotten (hotchpots) in the Netherlands. A hotchpot is a dish that consists of mashed potatoes mixed with a certain type of vegetables such as boerenkool. Dutch people like to eat rookworst (smoked sausage) together with the stamppot.




    An oliebol is a fried doughball that is traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve. Oliebollen are often covered with icing sugar and there are raisins in the dough.




    Erwtensoep ( split pea soup) is also known as snert. Erwtensoep is a thick soup made of split peas. The soup is traditionally eaten in winter with roggebrood (rye bread).






    The Dutch love their cheese.There are many types of Dutch cheeses. The most famous ones are Gouda and Edam named after the towns they come from. Other famous cheeses are Maasdammer, a cheese with large holes, and Frisian Clove Cheese.






    Hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) are small pieces of chocolate sprinkles that are eaten on top of sandwiches. There are many different types of hagelslag including chocolate, anise and fruit.


    Hopefully, you have gained enough knowledge about food and drinks in Dutch, now it is time to make some exercises!