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  • In this chapter you will learn the translations of different family members in Dutch. Many Dutch people have a close relationship with their family and they will gather during a holiday or when a family member celebrates his/her birthday.

    Family in Dutch

    In Dutch, the entire family can be separated in two parts:

    1. Het gezin: the family you share the household with. "Het gezin" consists most often of the parents and their children.
    2. De familie: all other relatives: aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins etc

    het gezin nederlands

    Family (het gezin)

    English Dutch
    The parents De ouders
    The mother / mommy De moeder / mama
    The father / daddy De vader / papa
    The children De kinderen
    The son De zoon
    The daughter De dochter
    The brother De broer
    The sister De zus

    enlightenedA translation for 'siblings' does not exist in Dutch, the Dutch say "broers and zussen" (brothers and sisters) instead.

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    Dutch family tree

    Besides the family members you share your household with, you also have other family members.

    familymembers dutch

    Below you will find a table explaining the other family members. 

    English Dutch
    The grandfather / grandpa De grootvader / opa
    The grandmother / granny De grootmoeder / oma
    The great-grandfather De overgrootvader
    The great-grandmother De overgrootmoeder
    The grandchildren De kleinkinderen
    The granddaughter De kleindochter
    The grandson De kleinzoon
    The uncle De oom
    The aunt De tante
    The cousin/nephew De neef(je)
    The cousin/niece De nicht(je)

    In the Dutch language there is no difference made between 'niece/nephew' and 'cousin'. The word cousin does not exist, there are only translations for niece/nephew that are used for the son/daughter of your brother/sister and for the daughter/son of your uncle/aunt.

    • Neef(je): The son of your brother, sister, uncle or aunt.
    • Nicht(je): The daughter of your brother, sister, uncle or aunt.


    If you get married, you will get some new family members, called 'schoonfamilie' (in-laws) in Dutch. 

    English Dutch
    The in-laws De schoonfamilie
    The father-in-law De schoonvader
    The mother-in-law De schoonmoeder
    The son-in-law De schoonzoon
    The daughter-in-law De schoondochter
    The sister-in-law De schoonzus
    The brother-in-law De schoonbroer; de zwager


    After a divorce, children will get some new family members if their parents find a new partner, called 'stieffamilie' (stepfamily) in Dutch.

    English Dutch
    The divorce De (echt)scheiding
    The stepfather De stiefvader
    The stepmother De stiefmoeder
    The stepbrother De stiefbroer
    The stepsister De stiefzus
    The half brother De halfbroer
    The half sister De halfzus

    Now it is time to do some exercises about the family members!