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  • 20 Happy birthday in Dutch (birthday wishes) [0/3]
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  • Happy birthday in Dutch (birthday wishes)

    Birthdays are important to celebrate in the Dutch culture. Usually, you will go to someone's birthday party at their house where other friends and family will be too. Therefore, it is necessary to know some ways to wish someone a happy birthday in Dutch.

    Birthday wishes in Dutch

    Other than just singing the 'Happy birthday song' in Dutch, there are many other ways to wish someone a happy birthday. 

    Dutch English
    Gefeliciteerd! Happy birthday! 
    Ik hoop dat je een fijne verjaardag hebt! I hope you have a nice birthday!
    Nog vele jaren in goede gezondheid. Many happy returns in good health.
    Gelukkige verjaardag. Happy birthday.
    Fijne verjaardag. Happy birthday.
    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Congratulations on your birthday!

    Some other phrases that can be asked or said

    • Hoe oud ben je geworden? (What's your age now?)
    • Heb je een verlanglijstje? (Do you have a wish list?)
    • Hartelijk dank voor de felicitaties. (Thank you very much for the congratulations.)
    • Wat heb je gekregen? (What did you receive?)

    Party words

    When celebrating a birthday in The Netherlands, cake is necessary. There are many other words that are necessary to know when celebrating a birthday or during a party. The table below provides some of these words. 

    Dutch English
    de alcohol alcohol
    alle all
    alleen alone
    de uitnodiging invitation
    het eten food
    de viering celebration
    de vrienden friends
    de vriendin girlfriend
    de vriend boyfriend
    de verjaardag birthday
    het cadeau present
    het idee idea
    de taart cake
    de muziek music
    het feest party
    plezier fun
    het spel game
    dansen dance
    partijtje children's party

    Party phrases

    In the table below some Dutch party or holiday phrases are shown. 

    Dutch English
    Gelukkig nieuwjaar. Happy New Year.
    Vrolijk Pasen.

    Happy Easter.

    Gelukkig kerstfeest. Merry Christmas.
    Ik nodig al mijn vrienden uit. I invite all of my friends. 
    Wie komt er vanavond? Who is coming tonight?

    Train your skills by doing the exercises below!


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