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Exercise separable and inseparable verbs in Dutch

Choose whether the sentence with a separable or inseparable verb is correct or not.

Exercise outline

  1. Back to lesson
  2. Exercise separable and inseparable verbs in Dutch
  3. Exercise to practice Dutch separable and inseparable verbs

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I have now taken few months of Spanish lessons with Elena and I am very glad I did! Elena is an amazing teacher as well as amazing person. Always on time, she will adapt to you and your weaknesses, to make you improve as fast as you can, while keeping it simple and pleasant. She provides you with quality material support and will always be there for you. Spanish has never been so enjoyable to learn. Muchas gracias Elena!
Anthony, thank you for your words! I am happy to know that you are satisfied with the course and that you enjoy the lessons so much. It is a pleasure for me too! I like to witness your improvement, class after class, and I am sure that you will achieve your goal soon. Con mucho gusto!
It is always a pleasure to have English lessons with Corinne. The lessons are always a lot of fun and extremely interesting concerning on current affairs and unfortunately the time always ends too early. Very recommended.
Thank you, Danilo. It is always a pleasure having lessons with you and I have enjoyed our many conversations together. And what a joy that over time they have become easier for both of us to understand! :D
Daniela is a wonderful teacher and a pleasure to talk to. Any student would be lucky to have her as a teacher. Thank you Daniela for your help with my Italian!!!
Ciao Robbie, thanks a lot for your feedback. I'm very happy you like the classes together and I'll do my best to keep them as fun and interesting as possible :-)
I had my first lesson a couple of days ago and everything went super good! Karin was attentive, transmiting her positivism and helping me with every doubt I had. She really focus on teaching how to pronounce and talk a language, so this is really interesting for me, to practise it & be able to use it in my day by day. I really recommend her to everyone willing to learn a new language :)
Hi Alba! Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I enjoyed our class too & I wish you the best of luck with all your future projects :-)
Ekaterina writes new words and sentences learnt during the lesson. She has got a very nice attitude and great accent! A pleasure to work with... yes, even in German!!!!!
Dear Silvia, thank you very much for your feedback! It's a real pleasure to have classes with you, and I hope you find them useful!
I am very satisfied with the teaching method. I highly recommend it if you want to learn the German language correctly. He has a lot of patience and can teach in a very relaxed way. Very very good
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Thanks a lot. It is understood that for any difficulty and / or misunderstanding I am at your disposal.Rina
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Alberto corresponds perfectly to my request to converse while teaching me grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Philippe
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Thank you Philippe for your beautiful words. Yours sincerely.
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Highly qualified experienced teacher, he explain every single word within a short time and Our speed in the class according to my learning speed naturally.
Thank you Muhammed, you were a precious and diligent student
Benissimo, come sempre! ;-) A nice combination of conversation and following a work book. I certainly recommend Luisa if you want to learn Italian from scratch!
Dear Erik thank you so much for your great feedback !!!!!
Virginia is smiling and supportive all the time! She speaks many languages any addition of Spanish so she's able to help if I don't understand in Spanish. She provides structured lessons with clear goals and different ways to learn. Therefore the lesson is dynamic and very efficient. She's committed to help her students and you can see it since the beginning. Many thanks Virginia!
Many thanks to you Clemence. See you! :-))))
In our lessons, we do mostly conversation, as that is what I need most. Ciğdem is very patient and positive. Her explanations are always clear. I'm learning a lot from our lessons.
Thank you for your feedback Peter :)
it was really a great lesson with Darya, shes very organized and prepared and her speaking is obvious I enjoyed our lesson so much, and her English is very good and understandable which make it easier to have the lesson she's a great teacher I recommend her for sure
Thank you Sereen! Derya
Deborah is a teacher with whom it is always a pleasure to work. She is punctual, professional and always ready to adapt to your student needs. I can't wait for the next lesson to arrive. :)
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Thanks Aleksandra !!
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Alessia is very professional; always well prepared, ambitious, super kind and patient. Her lessons are fun and focused on conversation. She asked me what I want to focus on and what is my learning goal. Is a great teacher!
Thank you Leandra!
Montse is a very funny teacher. She tries her best to make you learn alot. Her english is also very good, so she can explain things to you, if you don't understand it in spanish.