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  • Exercise to practice Dutch verb conjugation and tenses 1 (Score -/-)Free
  • Exercise to practice Dutch verb conjugation and tenses 2 (Score -/-)Free
  • 11.1 Dutch present simple (onvoltooid tegenwoordige tijd) [0/4]
  • 11.2 Dutch past simple (onvoltooid verleden tijd) [0/4]
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  • Dutch regular verbs (weak verbs)


    1. Exercise to practice Dutch regular verbs 1 Score -/-
    2. Exercise to practice Dutch regular verbs 2 Score -/-

    What is a regular verb in Dutch? 

    The regular verbs, also called 'weak verbs', are the verbs that have no change of vowel in the stem in a different tense

    Conjugation of Dutch regular verbs 

    To be able to conjugate a regular verb, you need to know the stem of the verb. Dutch regular verbs always end in '-en'. The stem is found when you leave out the '-en' part.   

    stem = infinitive without '-en' 

    There are some extra rules to keep in mind when finding the stem: 

    1. Long vowel verbs have long vowel stems.   
    enlightenedThe verb lopen (to walk) : the I-form will be 'ik loop' instead of 'ik lop'.   

    2. The stem never ends with two identical consonants, therefore, the last one will just disappear.  
    enlightenedThe verb pakken (to grab) : the I-form will be 'ik pak' instead of 'ik pakk'.   

    3. The stem cannot end in v or z.   
    enlightenedThe verb leven (to live): the I-form will be 'ik leef' instead of 'ik lev'.  
    This is an example of the long vowel stem and a stem ending on a v.   

    4. Infinitives that end in '-iën' have a stem that ends in '-ie'.  
    enlightenedThe verb ruziën (to argue) : the I-form will be 'ik ruzie' instead of 'ik ruzi'. 

    The table below shows you some of the common regular verbs and the conjugation of these verbs in different tenses.  

    Verb Translation Present simple (I-form) Past simple Present perfect (I-form) Past perfect (I-form)
    antwoorden to answer ik antwoord antwoordde(n) ik heb geantwoord ik had geantwoord
    bedanken to thank ik bedank bedankte(n) ik heb bedankt ik had bedankt
    horen to hear ik hoor hoorde(n) ik heb gehoord ik had gehoord
    oefenen to practice ik oefen oefende(n) ik heb geoefend ik had geoefend 
    luisteren to listen ik luister luisterde(n) ik heb geluisterd ik had geluisterd
    pakken to grab ik pak pakte(n) ik heb gepakt ik had gepakt
    reizen to travel ik reis reisde(n) ik heb gereisd ik had gereisd
    sturen to send ik stuur stuurde(n) ik heb gestuurd ik had gestuurd
    vertellen to tell ik vertel vertelde(n) ik heb verteld ik had verteld
    zwaaien to wave ik zwaai zwaaide(n) ik heb gezwaaid ik had gezwaaid 

    For the explanation of the different tenses: present simple, past simple, present perfect and past perfect, visit the next pages of this course about verbs. 


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