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  • Bulgarian modal verbs


    1. Fill in the correct form of modal verb Score -/-
    2. Fill in the missing form of the modal verbs Score -/-

    Modal verbs indicate modality, for example - ability, likelihood, obligation. They give us more information about the function of the main verb.

    The modal verbs in the Bulgarian language

     Modal verb   Transcription   English 
    Мога   moga  can
    Искам    iskam  want
    Трябва  trybva  must/have to
    Обичам   obicham  love


    enlightenedТрябва, мога и искам can be used both with perfect and imperfect verbs. Обичам can only be used with imperfect verbs.


    How to link two verbs

    We can link two verbs only using the participle "да" . In this case both of the verbs are conjugated accordingly.

    Аз мога да  рисувам.   I can draw. 
    Ти можеш  да  рисуваш.  You can draw. 
    Той/тя/то може  да  рисува.  He/she/it can draw.
    Ние можем  да  рисуваме.  We can draw.
    Вие можете  да  рисувате  You can draw.
    Те  могат да  рисуват.  They can draw.

    enlightenedIf the two verbs refer to different subjects they do not agree in person and number:

    Аз искам да  отидеш ти.  I want you to come. 
    Той иска да  го напрвая аз.  He wants me to make it. 
    Те искат да  дойде той.  They want him to come.


    Usually, the second verb is in perfect form. However, we can aslo use the imperfect form for continuous actions, actions that are not finished, or actions that will be reapeated many times.

    Искам  да  купувам цветя всеки ден.   I want to buy flowers everyday.
    Трябва да  купувам хляб.  I have to buy bread.
    Мога да  рисувам.  I can draw.
    Обичам  да  скачам.   I love jumping.


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    The verb "Трябва" / Must

    This is the only verb in the Bulgarian language that does not change in person and number. It can be translated in English with must/have to/should/ought to.

     Bulgarian   Transcription   English 
    Трябва да купя домати.   Trybva da kupya domati.   I have to buy tomatoes. 
    Не трябва да говориш така  Ne trybva da govorish taka.   You shouldn't talk like this. 
    Той трябва да гледа децата.  Toi trybva da gleda decata.  He has to watch the children. 


    The verb "Обичам"/ To love

    This verb is only used with imperfect verb.

    Обичам да пея. I love singing.
    Обичам  да рисувам. I love drawing.
    Обичам да  танцувам. I love dancing.


    The negative form

    We construct the negtive form by adding "Не" before the verb.

    Не искам да ям.  I don't want to eat.
    Не мога да карам колело.  I cannot ride a bicyle. 
    Не трябва  да говориш така.  You shouldn´t talk like this.
    Не обичам да ме лъжат.  I don't like lying to me.