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Choose the correct adjective

Use male, female, neuter gender and plural frorm

Exercise outline

  1. Back to lesson
  2. Write the correct form of the adjective
  3. Choose the correct adjective

What our students say

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Monika is a good teacher. She adjusted well to my level, my rate of learning and my degree of motivation. She has a good sense of humor and is patient and generous.
Today we did some translation from an article from "Deutsche Welle" - very interesting topic, which makes it even more motivating.
I find Zlatko to be an excellent teacher who can adjust and adapt the lesson to my needs. I always find Zlatko humorous and each lesson is great fun .
The lesson was wonderful, the teacher was immensely well prepared and the learning materials were very helpful.
Emilia is a real, experienced teacher, she can adapt very well to my pace and wishes. It is very inspiring to learn from her.