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    The Bulgarian verb tenses and conjugations

    One of the most important part of every language is it's verbs and their correct usage. With these lessons you will learn how to conjugate them in the present, in the past and in the future. You will learn when and how to use the different verb tenses and you will be able to talk about events that take place in the

    • present
    • past
    • and future

    In the table below you can see the difference in the tenses in the Bulgarian language.

    Tense Bulgarian English
    1. Present Simple tense

    Земята се върти около слънцето.

    Хората имат нужда от храна.

    The Earth is rotatates around the Sun.

    People need food.

    2. Future tense

    Утре ще ходя на пазар.

    В понеделник ще ходя на училище. 

    Tomorrow I will go shopping.

    On Monday I will go to school.

    3. Past Simple tense

    Измих чиниите сутринта.

    Не намерихме магазина.

    I washed the dishes in the morning.

    We didn't find the shop.

    4. Present Perfect tense

    Купил съм хляб.

    Бил съм в Куба.

    I have bought bread.

    I have been in Cuba.

    5. Past Continuous tense 

    Миналата година той често ходеше на кино.

    Тя говореше по телефона, а той пишеше мейли. 

    Last year he was going to the movies often. 

    She was talking on the phone and he was writing e-mails. 

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