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  • Interrogative pronouns in Bulgarian

    The interrogative pronouns are used to ask questions, such as who and what. Some of them refer only to people and other - to objects

    1. Which are the interrogative pronouns in Bulgarian?

    Interrogative pronouns can replace the noun in the sentence (person or object). In this case they are used on their own (without a noun).

    Gender Persons and objects         Only for persons       Only for objects       
    m. кой    who/what кого      whom какво     what
    f. коя    who/what кого      whom какво     what
    n. кое    who/what кого      whom какво     what
    pl. кои   who/what кого      whom какво    what


    Кой е това?  Who is this?
    Какво иска?  What does he want?


    2. How to use the interrogative pronouns

    We can use most interrogative pronouns independently or as adjectives.

    Какво мислиш?  What do you think?
    Каква музика прдпочиташ?  What kind of music do you prefer?


    When we use them as adjectives they go with the noun and agree in gender and number with it.

    Gender For attributes In English
    m.  кой  which
    f.  коя  which
    n.  кое  which
    pl.  кои  which


    Коя от тортите ми препоръчваш?          

     Which one of the cakes you recommend?


    We use "Кого" only when asking about the object of the sentence. Note that in everyday speech we use "Кой" instead of  "Кого".

    С кого ще се срещнеш?              Whom you will meet?
    С кой ще се срещнеш?  Who you will meet?


    Most people use only "На кой" to ask for possession, although "На кого" and "Чий"  are the grammatically correct forms.

    Gender For possession   In English  
    m. чий  whose
    f. чия  whose
    n. чие  whose
    pl. чии  whose


    На кой е тази книга?  Whose is this book?
    На кого е тази книга?  Whose is this book?
    Чия е тази книга?  Whose is this book?


    We use "Какъв, каква, какво, какви" with a noun to ask "what kind of". In this case they agree with the gender and the number of the noun.

    Gender For quality          In English     
    m. какъв      what kind of
    f. каква  what kind of
    n. какво  what kind of
    pl. какви  what kind of


    Каква литература препочиташ?  What kind of literature do you prefer?
    Какъв тип мъже ти харесват?               What kind of men do you like?


    We can use "какъв, каква, какво, какви" with the verb "to be" to ask about nationality, profession, physical appearance and character.

    Какъв е Джон?  What type of person is John?
    Какво работи?  What does he work?
    Какви очи има?  What eyes does he have?


    "Колко"  corresponds to both "how many" and "how much". We use it separately or with  noun, an adverb or an adjective.

    Колко струва едно кафе?                 How much is a cup of coffee?
    Колко кафета пиеш на ден?  How many cups of coffee so you usually drink?
    Колко далече живееш?  How far away do you live?
    Колко сладко да е кафето?  How much sugar do you want in your coffee?


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