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  • Definite article of the Bulgarian nouns


    1. Write the definite article of the nouns Score -/-
    2. Choose the right form of the definite article of the male noun Score -/-

    In the Bulgarian language the definite article is part of the ending of the word (not separated). There are different definite articles for male, female and neuter nouns. 

    1. Masculine nouns

    For the masculine nouns there are two forms of the definite article, depending on the role of the noun in the sentence: object or subject.

     Nominative form 

     Definite article 

    short form


     Definite article 

    long form


    ключ ключа ключът
    сандвич сандвича сндвичът
    учител учителя учителят


    When the noun takes the role of the subject, it receives the long definite article. When the noun takes the role of the object, it receives the short definite article.

    Subject   Ключът е на масата.   The key is on the table. 
    Object Той ми даде ключа от къщата.   He gave me the key.


    enlightened Some exceptions

    For the masculine nouns ending in -A the definite article is - TA

    баща бащата 
    father    the father   


    enlightenedNouns that use the definite article -Ят

    ден  денят 
    зет зетят
    кон конят
    крал  кралят 
    лакът  лакътят 
    нокът нокътят
    огън огънят
    път пътят
    сън сънят
    цар царят


    When to use the long form - more examples

    We use the long definite article when the noun is the subject of the sentence. 

    Царят пие вино.   The king drinks wine. 
    Ученикът е умен и трудолюбив.   The student is smart and hard-working. 
    Приятелят ми е в чужбина.   My friend is abroad. 


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    When to use the short form - more examples

    We use the short form for all the other cases: when the nouns is the object of the sentence or after a preposition.

    Кралицата говори с царя  The queen talks with the king. 
    Аз помагам на ученика.   I help the student.


    2. Feminine nouns

    The feminine nouns have only one form. The female definite article is added in the ending of the noun - Та

     Nominative form    Definite article 
    жена жената
    чаша чашата


    3. Neuter nouns

    The neuter nouns also have only one form. We add only -To in the end of the noun

     Nominative form   Definite article 
    кафе кафето
    дете детето


    4. The definite article for the plural forms of the nouns

    In the plural form the male and female nouns receive the same ending -Те, and the neuter nouns receive the ending -Та

       Nominative form   Definite article   Noun with definite article 
     m.  телефони  +те телефоните
    f. чаши  +те чашите
    n. кафета  +тa кафетата