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If you are reading this page, you most probably want to learn Bulgarian. If so, we recommend you this course on Bulgarian grammar. Here you will have the chance to learn, practice and broaden your knowledge and abilities to speak Bulgarian. So, don't think twice and continue reading further!

Reasons to study Bulgarian?

Usually there are a few reasons to learn Bulgarian:

  •  You have fallen in love with a Bulgarian girl/boy
  •  You love the culture, the traditions and the food
  •  You have good friends from Bulgaria and want to communicate with them on their native language
  •  You want to move and live in Bulgaria because of it's beautiful nature and good people

This Bulgarian grammar course is suitable for everyone

If you want to learn Bulgarian and you are beginner don't worry - it doesn't matter if you are a student, an adult or an immigrant in Bulgaria - this course starts from the very basics of the Bulgarian grammar and covers really important grammar topics and rules. You will find everything you need. 

The course is a genuine combination of grammar rules, useful exercises and rich vocabulary

Every lesson is well rounded and fully covers the topic. It starts with explanation of the subject, formation of the grammar structures, usage and guidelines on correct usage. It has example sentences and Bulgarian phrases, so that you can even work on you vocabulary. You can also take advantage of the exercises in the end of the lesson and practice what you have learnt.

Learn and practice with a teacher on Skype! 

Learning a new language is not easy, especially in the beginning. This is way we also provide you with the possibility to learn and practice with a experienced teacher online on Skype. You are able to select the day and time of your lesson and to do it from home or in the office - you choose. He will definitely answer all your questions and he will help you in everything you need. 

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