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  • Bulgarian sentence structure

    From the point of view of grammar, the sentence is a grammatically correct chain of words. Each sentence has its function and expresses its own meaning. In the Bulgarian language exist different types of sentences and each one of them ends with a specific punctual sign, depending on its purpose. For example:

    Type of sentence Example English translation
    declarative       "."  Аз ям ябълка.  I eat an apple.
    interrogative   "?"  Ти ядеш ябълка?  You are eating an apple?
    exclamatory     "!"  Колко хубаво, че ям ябълка!  So nice, I am eating an apple!
    imperative        "!"  Не яж ябълката!  Don't eat the apple!


    Furthermore, regarding the sentence structure we make a difference between "simple" and "complex" sentences. 

    Simple sentences

    A simple sentence expresses only one thought. It consists of a subject and only of one verb. There are two types of simple sentences:

    Type of simple sentence Example English translation
    short simple sentence  Вятърът духа.  The wind is blowing.
    wide simple sentence  Вятърът духа силно.  The wind is blowing strongly.
    • The short simple sentences contains only the main parts of the sentence: Subject + Verb
    • The wide simple sentences contains the main parts of the sentence and other: Subject + Verb +Adverb (Subject + Verb + Object)


    Complex sentences

    The complex sentence is built from two or more simple sentences and has more than one verbs. It usually expresses more than one thought.

    Type of  complex sentence Example  English translation
    with two verbs  Аз излизам от стаята, а Иван гледа телевизия.  I go out from the room and Ivan watches TV.
    with three verbs  Аз излизам от стаята, а Иван гледа телевизия и яде ябълка.   I go out from the room, Ivan watches TV and eats an apple.


    Learn more about the different parts of the sentence in the Bulgarian language with our next lessons.