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    What are the pronouns?

    From the point of view of the grammar, a pronoun is a word or phrase that we use instead of the noun or the noun phrase of a sentence. The pronouns can act as nouns - they can be a subject, a direct or indirect object.

    The pronouns in the Bulgarian language

    In the Bulgarian language there is a big variety of pronouns that are used often and for different purposes. In this page we give a overall view of them and how to use them.

    Personal pronouns

    Personal pronouns take the place and role of the noun. They have person, number, gender and case.

    Аз съм студент.          I am a student.
    Ти си лекар.  You are a doctor.
    Той е ученик.  He is a high school student.       


    Possessive pronouns

    These pronouns indicate possession. In Bulgarian there are short and long forms.

    Майка ми е учителка. My mother is a teacher.
    Това е моята химикалка.              This pen is mine.
    Баща му е механик. His father is a mechanic.        
    Това е неговият баща.  This is his father.


    Demonstrative pronouns

    Demonstrative pronouns take the place of the noun phrases in the sentence. They are actually demonstrative adjectives. They have gender and number.

    Този мъж ми е приятел. This man is my friend.
    Тази чаша е моя. This cup is mine. 
    Тези двамата са много приятни хора.            These two are very friendly people.           


    Interrogative pronouns

    Interrogative pronouns are used to ask questions.

    Колко е часът? What is the time?
    Какъв цвят предпочиташ?              Which color do you prefer?           
    Кой е този човек? Who is this person?


    Relative pronouns

    These pronouns connect  clause or a phrase to a noun or pronoun.

    Жената, която седи там, е майка ми. The woman, that is sitting there is my mather.
    Искам чай, като този от вчера. I want a tea like the one from yesterday.
    Вземи чантата, която е на земята. Tak the bag, that is on the floor. 

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