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  • Gender and number of Bulgarian adjectives


    1. Write the correct form of the adjective Score -/-
    2. Choose the correct adjective Score -/-

    The adjectives are words that define a noun. The adjectives in Bulgarian can change according to the gender and number of the noun they define. This is the so called "agreement" of noun and adjectives.

    1. Masculine, feminine and neuter gender

    Usually the masculine adjectives end on consonant; feminine - on "A" and neuter - on "O". Actually, the feminine and neuter adjectives are formed by adding "-A" or "-O" to the masculine ones.

     m.   - consonant   хубав ресторант 
    f.   + a хубава къща
    n.   + o хубаво село


    2. Some exceptions of the rule

    As in every rule there are exceptions. There is not a specific way to form them, you should learn them by heart.

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    Masculine adjectives that end in "-ски".

    български език  Bulgarian language
    детски кът  playground
    медицински център   physical examination 
    планински пейзаж  mountain view


    Feminine adjectives ending in "-я"

    синя къща     blue house


    Neuter adjectives ending in "-е" or  "-ьо"

    краве масло    cow butter  
    синьо сирене     blue sky


    Adjectives ending on "-ен", "-ър" , "-ък"

    • The adjectives, ending on "-ен" , in which the stress is not falling on "E" in the masculine form  - we drop the "E" in the endings of feminine, neuter and plural forms. If the stress falls on "E", we don't drop it.
    • For the adjectives ending on "-ър" and "-ък" the "-ъ" sound is always dropped in feminine, neuter and plural forms.
       -ен   -ър   -ък 
     m.  умен  добър     малък 
    f. умна  добра   малка
    n. умно      добро   малко 
    pl. умни   добри  малки


    3. Plural form of adjectives

    The plural form of adjectives is formed by adding "-и" to the masculine singular form.

       Singular   Plural 
     m.  хубав ресторант   хубави ресторанти 
    f.  хубава къща хубави къщи   
    n.  хубаво село

    хубави села