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  • Demonstrative pronouns in Bulgarian

    Demonstrative pronouns are in fact the demonstrative adjectives (eng. this, that, these). However, in sentence structures the demonstrative pronouns take the place of the noun phrase.

    1. Gender and number

    Gender Nearby persons and ojects Distant persons and objects  Denoting quality
    m. този     this онзи         that такъв        such as
    f. тази     this онази       that такава      such as
    n. това     this онова       that такова      such as
    pl. тези     these онези       those такива        such


    Той е такъв сноб!  He is such a snob!
    Искам такава рокля.  I want such a dress.


    2. How to use the demonstrative pronouns

    We use demonstrative pronouns with or without a noun. When used with a noun, the demonstrative pronouns go before it. The noun after the demonstrative pronoun it always without a definite article.

    Този ресторант е скъп, но онзи е по-хубав.

     This restaurant is expensive, but that one is better.
    Този е скъп, но онзи е по-хубав.  This is expensive, but that one is better


    When "Това" is used with the verb "Съм"  ("to be")  and without a noun to introduce persons and topics, it corresponds to the English "that", "it", "these", and can be used with both singular and plural.

    Това е добре!   That's OK!   
    Това са гостите  These are our guests. 


    enlightenedWhen we use demonstrative pronouns for persons without a noun they may have a negative connotation.

    Не ми говори за тази!   Don't even mention that (woman) to me!  
    Онзи там е лош човек.   That guy is a bad person.



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