• Bulgarian grammar
  • 1 Bulgarian sentence structure
  • 2 Bulgarian pronouns [0/10]
  • 3 Bulgarian nouns [0/6]
  • 4 Bulgarian verbs [0/16]
  • 5 Bulgarian prepositions [0/2]
  • 6 Bulgarian adjectives [0/6]
  • 7 Bulgarian adverbs [0/2]
  • Degrees of comparison of the Bulgarian adjectives


    1. Write the comparative form of the adjective Score -/-
    2. Write the superlative form of the adjective. Score -/-

    1. Comparative degree 

    The comparative degree is formed in the same way for all adjectives regardless of the gender and number. We just add the particle "-По" in front of the adjective, There is a dash between this particle and the adjective.

    Той е по-умен.  He is smarter.  
    Тя е по-умна.  She is smarter.
    То е по-умно.  It is smarter. 
    Те са по-умни.  They are smarter. 


    When we compare two thing we use the preposition "От".

    Той е по-голям от Иван.   He is bigger than Ivan. 
    Тя е по-голяма от Мария.   She is bigger than Maria.  
    То е по-голямо от къщата.  It is bigger than the house.   
    Те са по-големи от другите.   They are bigger than the rest. 


    2. Superlative degree

    The superlative degree is formed in the same way for every adjective regardless of the gender and number. We just add the particle "-Най"  in front of the adjective. It is also written with dash between the particle and the adjective.

    Той е най-богат. He is the richest.
    Тя е най-богата. She is the richest.
    То е най-богато. It is the richest.
    Те са най-богати. They are the richest.


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    3. The definite article  for comparative and superlative degree

    The definite article is added in the same way as we add it to the nominative form of the adjective, depending on the gender and number.

       Nominative form   Comparative form   Superlative form 
     m.  умен мъж по-умния(т) мъж най-умния(т) мъж  
    f.  умна жена по-умната жена най-умната жена
    n. умно дете по-умното дете най-умното дете
    pl. умни хора по-умните хора най-умните хора


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