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  • Definite article of Bulgarian adjectives

    1. Definite article according to gender

    There are different definite articles for  the adjectives of masculine, feminine, neuter gender and in plural. Usually, the article is added in the ending of the adjective.



     Nominative form 

    - singular

     Definite article  

     Adjective with a definite article 
     m.  нов парк  + ия(т) новият парк
    f.  нова банка  + та новата банка
    n.  ново кафе  +то новото кафе




     Nominative form 


     Definite article   Adjective with a definite article 
     m.  нови паркове  +те новите паркове
    f.  нови банки  +те новите банки
    n.  нови кафета  +те новите кафета


    • Adjectives ending in "-ен" , with the stress not falling on "e" in the masculine form - we drop the "e" when we add the article. If the stress falls on it - we don't drop it.
    • Adjectives, ending on "-ър" and  "-ък" in the masculine form - we drop the "" when we add the definite article.
       -ен   -ър   -ък 
      умен    добър   малък    
     m. умния(т)  добрия(т)  малкия(т
    f. умната добрата малката 
     n.  умното доброто малкото
     pl. умните добрите малките


    2. Full and short form of the definite article in masculine adjectives

    The definite article for masculine adjectives has two forms - a full one and a short one.

    Full form

    We use the full form "-ят" when the noun phrase is the subject of the sentence or after the verb "to be"

    Синият мерцедес паркира бавно.  The blue Mercedes parked slowly.
    Този е новият колега.  This guy is the new coleague.


    Short from

    We use the short form "" when the noun phrase is not the subject.

    Той погледна към синия автомобил. He looked at the blue car.
    На мен ми харесва новия колега. I like the new colleague.


    enlightenedWhen the adjective is in front of the noun that needs to have a definite article, the adjective receives the definite article instead of the noun.

    Синият автомобил е на Пешо. The new car is Pesho´s.
    Новият колега работи много. The new colleague works hard.


    enlightenedWhen there are more than one adjectives in front of the noun, the definite article is only added to the first adjective.

    Хубавата синя кола е на Пешо.  The pretty blue car is Pesho's.
    Високият нов колега работи много.  The tall new colleague works hard.



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