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  • Bulgarian adjectives

    From grammatical point of view, adjectives describe or modify other words. They make our speech much more prolific and interesting. Relating to sentence structure, they are situated before the noun or pronoun they modify.

    1. Gender and number of Bulgarian adjectives

    The Bulgarian adjectives differ in gender and number. Every adjective may have a male, female, neuter gender and plural from, depending on the noun that modifies. 

     m.  Това е хубав ресторант.   This is a nice restaurant. 
    f.  Това е хубава градина.   This is a nice garden.
    n.  Това е хубаво село.  This is a nice village.
    pl. Това са хубави жени.  These are pretty women. 


    2. Definite articles of the Bulgarian adjectives

    The adjectives in the Bulgarian language have a definite article that goes in the end of the adjective. There are different definite articles for male, female, neuter gender and the plural form.

     m.  Хубавият ресторант е близо  The nice restaurant is close by. 
    f. Хубавата градина е на мама.  The nice garden is my mother's. 
    n. Хубавото село е в гората.  The nice village is in the woods.
    pl. Хубавите жени са мои сестри.   The beautiful women are my sisters. 


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    3. Degrees of comparison

    The Bulgarian adjectives have comparative and superlative degree form. They are formed really easy by simple adding a short participle in front of the adjective. 

       Nominative form   Comparative   Superlative 
     m.  хубав по-хубав най-хубав
    f.  хубава по-хубава най-хубава
    n. хубаво по-хубаво най-хубаво
    pl. хубави по-хубави най-хубави


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