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  • Personal pronouns in Bulgarian


    1. Fill in the right personal pronoun Score -/-
    2. Choose the right personal pronoun Score -/-

    The personal pronouns are words that take the place of the noun. They can be classified by person, number, gender and case. In this lesson we will discuss them and you will learn how to use them correctly.

    1. Singular and plural personal pronouns

    The personal pronouns have different forms in singular and in plural. In 3rd person singular they also have different masculine, feminine and neuter forms.

    Singular   Plural   
     аз  I ние   we
     ти  you вие  you
     той          he те  they
     тя  she    
     то  it             


    enlightenedIn the most cases we can skip the personal pronoun because the ending of the verb carries the information about its person, gender and number.

    Аз обичам кафе  (Обичам кафе)   I love cоffee
    Ние пием вода  (Пием вода)   We drink water
    Вие карате колело (Карате колело)        You drive a bicycle    


    2. Usage of the personal pronouns

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    When to use the polite and plural form?

    We use the personal pronoun "вие" for both 2nd person singular and 2nd personal plural. When used for the 2nd singular, it is a polite form and is written with a capital letter - "Вие".

    Как сте вие, деца?    How are you doing, children? (plural)
    Как сте Вие, господине?  How are you doing, Sir? (singular - polite form)


    Male and Female gender

    We use 3rd person singular personal pronouns "Той" and "Тя" not only for people, but also for all masculine and feminine nouns.

    Мъжът е тук. Той е тук.  The man is here. He is here. 
    Ресторантът е голям. Той е голям.   The restaurant is big. It is big.
    Жената дойде. Тя дойде.  The woman came. She came
    Колата е нова. Тя е нова.  The car is new. It is new.


    Neuter personal pronoun

    We use 3rd person singular personal pronoun "То" for all neuter nouns. (момче - girl, дете - child, бебе - baby, кафе - coffee, село - village)

    Детето се смее. То се смее.   The child is laughing. He/she is laughing.
    Кафето е силно. То е силно.  The coffee is strong. It is strong.


    Learn more about the Bulgarian pronouns in our next lessons. You can practice your knowledge with the exercises after the lesson.