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  • Bulgarian verbs

    With the following lessons you will learn the most used and important verbs in Bulgarian language. You will also find a lot of example sentences and phrases, so that you learn easier. You can even practice with the exercises in the end of every lesson.

    enlightenedFirst thing you have to know about the Bulgarian verbs is that there are 3 groups of conjunction. We can usually recognize which group the verb belongs to by looking at the ending in the 1st person singular. They are the following:

    •  Conjugation 1st  - Е
    •  Conjugation 2nd  - И
    •  Conjugation 3d  - А / Я

    enlightenedSecond, we often skip the personal pronouns, as the grammatical person and number are clear by the form of the verb.

    •  Какво предлагаш (ти)?
    •  What do you suggest? 

    Bulgarian tenses and conjugations

    Learn to talk about:

    • present
    • past 
    • future

    Bulgarian modal verbs

    Modal verbs indicate modality, for example - ability, likelihood, obligation. They give us more information about the function of the main verb.

     Modal verb   Transcription   English 
    мога moga can
    искам iskam want
    трябва tryabva have to/must 
    обичам obicham love


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    Bulgarian reflexive verbs

    According to grammar, a reflexive verb is a verb whose direct object is the same as the subject, like in the example: "I wash myself." In the Bulgarian language there are two types of reflexive verbs. 

    Reflexive verbs with "Се"

    Аз се обличам I am dressing myself.


    Reflexive verbs with "Си"

    Аз си слагам ризата. I am putting on my shirt


    Bulgarian imperative mood

    The imperative mood is used to express commands or requests, permission or prohibition. In the Bulgarian language the verb in imperative mood usually has two forms - singular and plural. 


     2nd person 


     2nd person


     English translation 
    купя купи! купете!  Buy!
    скачам  скачай! скачайте!  Jump!


    If you wanna find out more about the Bulgarian verbs and tenses, follow the lessons below.

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