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  • According to grammar, a reflexive verb is a verb whose direct object is the same as the subject, like in the example: "I wash myself."

    How to form the reflexive verbs in Bulgarian

    In the Bulgarian language one verb is transformed into reflexive simply by adding the reflexive personal pronouns: "Се" or "Си".

    Reflexive verbs with "Се"

    Usually these verbs express the following notions:

    • The subject is the doer of the action and is also affected by it.
    Аз се обличам.  I am dressing myself. 
    Аз се храня.  I am eating.


    • There are more than two subjects that perform the action and the object is direct.

    Мария обичам Иван. Иван обича Мария. 

    Те се обичат.

    Maria loves Ivan. Ivan loves Maria.

    They love one another.


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    Some of the most frequently used verbs with "Се"

    влюбвам се   to be in love 
    гордея се  to be proud of
    обаждам се  to call
    смея се  to laugh
    срамувам се  to be ashamed
    шегувам се  to joke


    Reflexive verbs with "Си"

    Usually these verbs express the following notions:

    • The verb is followed by an object
    Аз си слагам ризата.   I am putting on my shirt.
    Той си мие зъбите.  He is washing his teeth.
    • There are more than two subjects performing the action and the object of the action is indirect.

    Мария говори на Иван. Иван говори на Мария.

    Те си говорят.

     Maria talks to Ivan. Ivan talks to Maria.

     They talk to each other.


    • The subject performs the action on himself.
    Често си купувам дрехи.   Often I buy clothes for myself. 
    Обичам да си похапвам сладолед.  I love eating.


    Verbs frequently used with "Си"

    мисля си  to think to oneself
    говоря си  to talk to oneself
    пия си  to drink 
    играя си  to play
    купувам си  to buy


    Different meanings

    Some verbs change their meaning when they become reflexive.

    казвам  to tell, to say  казвам се  to be called
    карам  to drive карам се  to have an argument
    намирам  to find намирам се  to be located
    разбирам  to understand, to find out  разбирам се  to get along
    смея  to dare смея се  to laugh


    There is also a difference in the meaning when we change the reflexive pronoun.

    представям   to introduce  казвам  to tell 
    представям се  to introduce oneself  казвам се  to be called 
    представям си  to imagine казвам си  to tell oneself