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  • Slovak adjectives

    The adjectives are descrptive words, which provide additional detail to the nouns and pronouns. In these lessons we will show you how to define the gender of the adjective, how to make the plural form, what are the models for their declension and how to use the comparison in Slovak language.

    Genders of Slovak adjectives

    We will show you how to find out what gender is a certain adjective, based on its ending. You will learn about the rhytmic rule and how the adjective is influenced by the noun or pronoun.


    • pekný (nice) - masculine gender
    • milá (polite) - feminine gender
    • malé (small) - neutral gender


    Plural of Slovak adjectives

    The Plural of adjectives depends on the gender of the noun they are connected with. We will teach you the general rules and also how to make the Plural form of possesive adjectives.


    • škaredý muž (ugly man) - škaredí muži (ugly men)
    • dobrý pes (good dog) - dobrí psi (good dogs)
    • lenivá žena (lazy woman) - lenivé ženy (lazy women)


    Models of Slovak adjectives

    We will introduce you the 5 models according to which we decline Slovak adjectives. We will show you how to decline them and when and how to use them.


    • dobrý (good) - declined according to model "pekný"
    • horúci (hot) - declined according to model "cudzí"
    • sestrin (sister´s) - declined according to model "matkin"


    Gradation of Slovak adjectives

     You will learn how to gradate the Slovak adjectives. We will show you that there are 2 types of gradation - regular and irregular. We we will also show you how to compare two things by using the adjectives.


    • heavy - ťažký - ťažší - najťažší
    • good - dobrý - lepší - najlepší
    • new - nový - novší -najnovší


    Let´s start the lesson!


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