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     Let's have a look at the classification of the adverbs:

    There are  4 groups we divide the adverbs into:

    • location
    • time
    • manner
    • cause

    Adverbs of location

    The questions we ask are: Kde? Kam? (Where? To where?)

    For example: 

    English Slovak
    at home doma
    outside vonku
    far ďaleko
    close blízko
    to the south južne
    up hore
    down dolu
    away preč
    in the middle uprostred

    Here are some example sentences:

    • Pôjdeme ďaleko. (We will go far away.)
    • Už sú blízko. (They are already close.)
    • Západne od nás. (On the south from us.)


    Adverbs of time

    The questions we ask are: Kedy? Odkedy? (When? From when?)

    Some examples: 

    English Slovak
    now teraz
    tomorrow zajtra
    yesterday včera
    long time ago dávno
    never nikdy
    afterwards potom
    still stále
    forever navždy
    until today dodnes

    Here are some example sentences:

    • Urob to teraz. (Do it now.)
    • Necháme to na zajtra. (We will leave it for tomorrow.)
    • Včera bolo pekne. (Yesterday, it was nice.)


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    Adverbs of manner

    The question we ask is: Ako? (How?)

    Some examples: 

    English Slovak
    good dobre
    badly zle
    nicely pekne
    ugly škaredo
    happily šťastne
    together spolu
    slowly pomaly
    fast rýchlo
    wisely múdro

    Here are some example sentences:

    • Vyspal si sa dobre? (Did you sleep good?)
    • Spolu to zvládneme. (Together we can handle this.)
    • Urobil to pomaly. (He did this slowly.)


    Adverbs of cause

    The question we ask are: Prečo? Načo? (Why? For what?)

    Some examples: 

    English Slovak
    by mistake omylom
    by law právom
    with intention zámerne
    on purpose náročky
    by accident náhodou
    for nothing nadarmo
    for business služobne
    with no reason bezdôvodne
    with motive úmyselne

    Here are some example sentences:

    • Zámerne si ma oklamal. (Purposely, you lied to me.)
    • Náročky spomalil. (Wittingly he slowed down.)
    • Príde nadarmo. (She will come for nothing.)


    Try to divide the adverbs into the categories in our exercises!