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  • Plural of Slovak nouns

    As in many other languages, Slovak language has grammatical numbers as well. Those are singular and plural.

    Simply, when a noun is in a

    • singular form, it represents one person, animal, thing or action
    • plural form, it represents many people, animals, things or actions

    How to create the plural of Slovak nouns

    There is no general rule about creating the plural form. You need to identify the gender and the gramatical model of the noun to create the plural form. Check our lesson Models of Slovak nouns to learn how to identify the model of the noun. 


    Nouns existing only in Plural form

    Some of the nouns do not have a Singular form. It is similar to some of the uncountable English nouns: scissors (nožnice), glasses (okuliare), trousers (nohavice)

    Here are the rules, how to find out the gender of these nouns. We included also the models, the topic explained in the next lesson.

    Nominative plural Dative plural Gender Model Example
    -á/-a -ám/-am neutral mesto ústa, vráta
    -ia/-a -iam/-am neutral srdce prsia, pľúca
    -y -om masculine dub dostihy, hody
    -a -ám/-am feminine žena noviny, prázdniny
    -e -om masculine stroj okuliare, Vráble
    -e -iam/-am feminine ulica husle, Košice

    Let´s practice with our exercise!


    Fill in the blanks exercise on plural form of Slovak nouns