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An easy, online and free Slovak grammar course and rules?

If you search for some tools to help you with learning Slovak language, search no more! With this course, you can learn easily, online, from home, and what is more- for free!

Why to learn Slovak with our grammar course?

In our Slovak grammar rules course we will touch upon many topics from the Slovak grammar. Here are only examples:

  • cases
  • nouns
  • adjectives
  • verbs
  • sentence structure

And more! At the end of the course you will be able to conjugate the verbs, make a declension out of nouns, adjectives, numerals and more!

Slovak for foreigners, tourists and expats

Our language course provides easy lessons in English, suitable for almost everyone, like for example:

  • a student
  • a tourist
  • an expat
  • an adult learner
  • or any kind of learner

Also, it might be interesting for you because of the several reasons, like:

  • you are bored of learning from books
  • you want to have individual schedule
  • you are busy for attending evening schools or courses

Additional Skype lessons to train your pronunciation

Would you like to practice your pronunciation? Do not hesitate to try our individual teaching with real teachers on Skype!


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1 Slovak cases Slovak language has 7 cases compared to for example 4 German! Learn all of them!
2 Slovak sentence structure You will learn how the sentence is structured and what punctuation to use!
3 Slovak nouns Learn how to form the nouns according to 6 cases, 3 genders and 12 models.
4 Slovak adjectives Teach yourself what are the rules when creating the Slovak adjectives!
5 Slovak pronouns Learn about Slovak pronouns, how we divide them and how are they declined.
6 Slovak numerals Learn about Slovak numerals, and how are they declined.
7 Slovak verbs Learn about the most useful word class of Slovak language!
8 Slovak prepositions Learn about Slovak prepositions, their usage and about their classification!
9 Slovak adverbs Learn about Slovak adverbs of location, time, manner and cause!