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  • Indefinite and delimiting pronouns in Slovak

    Indefinite and delimiting pronouns are the last two out of 7 groups. 

    Indefinite pronouns

    The indefinite pronouns represent the uncertain situations. They do not refer to any specific person, thing or amount. Those are for example:

    Slovak English
    niečo something
    niekto someone (used more frequently)
    čokoľvek whatever
    ktosi someone
    kdekoľvek wherever

    Example sentences:

    • Je tam niekto? = Is someone there?
    • Dám ti čokoľvek si praješ. = I will give you whatever you want.
    • Ktosi klope na dvere. = Someone is knocking on the door.

    Delimiting pronouns

    The delimiting pronouns represent the certain situations. They refer to specific person, thing or amount. Those are for example:

    Slovak English
    ten istý the same
    iný different
    každý every
    všetci everybody
    nikto nobody

    Example sentences:

    • Je to ten istý sveter. = It is the same sweater.
    • Nikto neupratal dom. = Nobody cleaned the house.
    • Každý musí zaplatiť. = Everybody has to pay.


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