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  • Slovak pronouns

    This page gives you an overview of Slovak pronouns and how they are categorized. Also we will show you the declension of those which can be declined. Let's start!

    Personal pronouns

    Personal pronouns are divided into two groups: basic and possessive. They are the most used pronouns. Learn more in our lesson focused on personal pronouns, where you can for example also find out the information about Slovak "they", and its two forms.


    • Ja a ty sme kamaráti. = Me and you are friends.
    • Vy ste pani Poláková? = Are you Mrs. Poláková?
    • Toto je moje pero. = This is my pen.

    Reflexive pronouns

    Reflexive pronouns are also divided into two groups: basic and possessive. In this group, there are only 3 pronouns, which are very important in Slovak language.


    • Očešem sa. = I will comb my own hair.
    • Požičal mi svoj kabát. = He borrowed me his own coat.
    • Mám rada svoju sestru. = I like my own sister.

    Demonstrative pronouns

    As you probably know, Slovak language does not have articles. However, demonstrative pronouns may serve as definite articles. Find more in our lesson, and learn how to say "this", "these", "that", "those" in Slovak language.


    • Toto jablko je dobré. = This apple is good.
    • kabelka je pekná. = That handbag is nice.
    • Kto sú títo ľudia? = Who are these people?

    Interrogative pronouns (question words) and relative pronouns

    The interrogative pronouns serve as question words. The relative pronouns look the same as interrogative pronouns, however, they are not used with questions, but answers.


    • Prečo si to urobil? = Why did you do that?
    • Pôjdem kam chcem. = I will go where I want.
    • Kto chýba? = Who is missing?

    Indefinite pronouns and delimiting pronouns

    In Slovak language we use the indefinite pronouns for naming the things, people, animals, etc., which we are not certain about. Delimiting pronouns are the opposite of the indefinite pronouns, as we delimit the things, people, animals, etc.


    • Každý niečo povedal. = Everybody said something.
    • Kamkoľvek idem, beriem si mobil. = Wherever I go, I take my phone with me.
    • Budú tam všetci. = Everybody will be there.

    Now, let's have a look at each one of the groups in detail in our sub-lessons.

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