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  • In this lesson we will show you how to make a gradation out of Slovak adverbs!

    How to gradate the adverbs

    We can gradate adverbs, which were created from qualitative adjectives (the only adjectives we can grade). There are three ways, how you can make a gradation out of Slovak adverbs. Those 3 ways are:

    1. regular
    2. irregular
    3. with a description

    Regular gradation of adverbs

    Here are the 3 grades:

    • 1st = the adverb itself
    • 2nd = add the suffix -šie, -ejšie
    • 3rd = add the prefix naj- to the 2nd grade

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    English Slovak (1st grade) 2nd grade 3rd grade
    fast rýchlo rýchlejšie najrýchlejšie
    slowly pomaly pomalšie najpomalšie
    shortly krátko kratšie najkratšie

    Irregular gradation of adverbs

    Here are a few examples of how irregular gradation can look like. There are no rules, you need to learn it, but note how the 3rd grade is always the prefix naj- + 2nd grade:

    English Slovak 2nd grade 3rd grade
    good dobre lepšie najlepšie
    badly zle horšie najhoršie
    a few málo menej najmenej
    a lot veľa viac najviac
    nicely pekne krajšie najkrajšie

    Gradation with a description

    This gradation is made by adding another adverb.

    • viac = more
    • najviac = the most
    • menej = less
    • najmenej = the least 


    English Slovak 2nd grade 3rd grade
    on the right vpravo viac vpravo najviac vpravo
    on the left vľavo viac vľavo najviac vľavo
    on the right vpravo menej vpravo najmenej vpravo
    on the left vľavo menej vľavo najmenej vľavo

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